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John Markoff

John Markoff and Steven Levy are better known to non-US audiences for their non-fiction books about the technology sector, but are actually veteran journalists who have covered the technology sector for the business press over the past three decades. I would recommend Steven Levy’s Insanely Great and What the Doormouse said by John Markoff respectively.


Vice is being widely touted as a modern-day CNN or BBC, but a significant amount of its output looks to me like it is the modern day equivalent of the mondo film. This film on Mexican black magic being a classic example


Step Aside Black Friday – Meet Prime Day | Business Wire – interesting that Amazon is not including it’s China business in this. More retailing related posts here


TSMC Overtakes Intel in Chip Capex Ranking | EE Times – interesting that Sony is surging up there as well with its CMOS sensors


Dual-SIM smartphone sales to hit half a billion next year | – waiting for the dual SIM option on the iPhone :-). A good deal of this is down to having SIMs that allow consumers to pick the best packages for them. For instance making weekend calls on one SIM; or using its data plan; whilst still being available for inbound calls on another number. This tends to be more popular in developing world countries

Apple and Google Partners | Re/code – Google partners starts to look a look a lot like Microsoft in terms of the adverse relationships that its partners have. Google partners mirror the history of Microsoft partners like Nokia, HTC, Nortel, PC manufacturers and Sendo