Hardkiss reissues + more things

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Hardkiss Music – love to see this stuff get reissued. Gavin and Scott Hardkiss brought something new to the table with their recordings. Scott Hardkiss’ use of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s  Fire on High for the track The Pheonix blows me away every time that I listen to it.

5ninthavenueproject – YouTube – set of VHS amateur documentaries that capture New York in the late 1980s

The decline and fall of HTC | Digital Evangelist – a bit of the PC commodisation industry model and the mistake of following the Apple model without the full stack and marketing spend

Korea’s Daum Kakao Brings In 34-Year-Old CEO To Grow Its Messaging Business Overseas | TechCrunch – can KakaoTalk deal with LINE, WhatsApp, KIK and WeChat overseas? WeChat has already failed to expand significantly beyond the Chinese diaspora

Has America Completely Forgotten Its Roots In Dance Music? Magnetic magazine – I understand it but many people think that the blues started with Eric Clapton, culture is becoming like vapour

Google new operating structure – Business Insider – interesting moves which formalises where Google has been. It also means that the Google brand isn’t likely to be over extended or risked on edge ventures. Innovation is likely to be stifled

Pinterest’s Difference From Other Social Media Lures Quaker | Advertising Age – more like search. Longer content shelf life, minimal snark, searchability. I would be surprised if more family brands don’t go there as well. Facebook and Twitter have become cesspits

759 Store dips toe in e-Commerce waters | Marketing Interactive – pet products, snacks and other in store products to follow. More retailing related content here.

Traditional ad spending drops for first time | Kantar China – presumably because the Chinese economic growth is slowing down. Changes in media regulations is making it harder for TV stations to show the kind of content that consumers like

Here’s how a Finnish startup landed $10M from Baidu. In a McDonald’s – interesting use of magnetic fields