Afghanistan + other news

Reading Time: 11 minutes Afghanistan I couldn’t avoid doing a post on Afghanistan given what had been going on this week. The Afghanistan conflict posed a number of interesting questions about: What privacy and security means for the people left behind in Afghanistan in the digital age Why strategy is seldom a teacher and several countries have made the… Continue reading Afghanistan + other news

Photo hashing & other news

Reading Time: 7 minutes Apple photo hashing Report: Apple to announce client-side photo hashing system to detect child abuse images in user’s photos libraries – 9to5Mac – photo hashing its not foolproof. Once the proof of concept exists, Apple won’t be able to withstand the pressure authoritarian government could use it to track other materials. Tencent’s WeChat is already… Continue reading Photo hashing & other news

Video arcade and other things

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vintage video arcade Found footage shot of a hvideo arcade in Tokyo, Japan. The footage was apparently filmed in June 1979. A few things that surprised me about the video arcade: I didn’t realise how nostalgic I would feel for the vintage Space Invaders cabinet design. I had played one a number of times but… Continue reading Video arcade and other things