Reflecting on Yahoo!’s Q2 2015 progress report on product prioritisation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Yahoo! published a list of properties that it was closing down and services that it was changing support on over the next few months. Most of the coverage amongst the people I follow has been around the shutdown of Yahoo! Pipes, as despite its flakey behaviour it was tremendously useful for putting together cheap, fast […]

Mentos go close to the bone

Reading Time: 1 minute Mentos put together a video that points out the minty breath freshness of their sweets and makes light of Singapore’s population issue with ‘national night’ presumably on the national day public holiday that celebrates Singapore’s independence. I thought that its risque nature was at odds with Singapore’s character, but only time will tell. The video […]

I like: Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific Corporate Social Media Study 2011

Reading Time: 1 minute Some handy slide fodder from Burson-Marsteller. It was interesting that Asian companies have gone to micro-blogs and social networks. I am not surprised as a blog needs nurturing, also you can do a lot more in 140 Chinese characters than you can do in the English language. Unsurprisingly South Korea led the pack, partly due […]

I like: Goodstuph paying it forward card

Reading Time: 1 minute Singapore blogger Pat Law and her social influence agency Goodstuph mailed me an iron-on patch of their logo and some letter press cards to say thank you to other people.