London conference on cyberspace

Reading Time: 1 minute The Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British Government has always had the best online presence of all the different government departments, but I still find it interesting that it is they rather than the department of media and culture who are looking to lead a discussion on the future of the web and associated […]

It’s a Facebook world (well most of it is)

Reading Time: 1 minute My client Experian have put out research on Facebook usage out this morning. The research had two tables. The first table looked at the average time spend on Facebook Market Average time spent on Facebook in August 2011 per session Singapore 38 mins 46 sec New Zealand 30 mins 31 sec Australia 26 mins 27 […]

Oprah Time: Beyond The Crash by Gordon Brown

Reading Time: 2 minutes On leaving office, Gordon Brown immediately spent a lot of time hammering out a book Beyond The Crash. Unlike Peter Mandelson this wasn’t the Westminster equivalent of a sordid kiss-and-tell exposé or a Tony Blair-esque sales brochure to secure speaking engagements. Instead Brown set out to do what he does best, putting on page deep […]

Ogilvy on Facebook Commerce with an Asian slant to the data

Reading Time: 1 minute Interesting presentation by Ogilvy on f-commerce. It has some great data about the market opportunity for e-commerce in Asia. Ogilvy on Facebook Commerce A couple of thoughts on the presentation. Firstly, you may not realise it by looking at the slides but commerce was happening on Japanese social network Mixi and Korean network Cyworld before […]

Making a word-of-mouth video is a breeze in Singapore

Reading Time: 1 minute Standard Chartered Bank wanted to get the Singaporean public to capture some of the excitement of the iPhone and put it around its brand and decided to use a new mobile banking application called Breeze as the vehicle to do this. So they came up with this viral film which was shot during the launch […]