Links of the day

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The Green Lantern – green and quality concerns kick in on Japanese restaurant offerings

UNIQLOCK – really cool site from Uniqlo with Japanese models and mini dance sequences

NASA Workmanship Technical Committee – handy hardware hacking reference guide

The dark reality – interesting realistic economic analysis on India that could apply to China just as well

iProfile Curriculum Vitae Builder, Maintain CV Online – the latest project that my friend Karl is working on at the moment. Looks like a nicer version of Jobster

Rescue Dogs & Dogs for Adoption @ – nice site in a blog format that is an ideal way of connecting dogs and their owners

GoShout – make some noise – Australian activitist / petition site

Theme Garden | Drupal 5 Themes – handy themes and ideas for the open source CMS

VisualCV – Does what CVs what video podcasting did for bad karoake singers

Popgadget Personal Technology for Women: Socket Sense: “Adjustable surge strip to fit your adapters – OMG this is such a duh why didnt I think of this idea » Blog Archive » SMNR features comparison – handy if self con gratulatory comparison ;)

The Manga Bible – Pages – Japanese artists have done the story of Buddha and text books in manga, so I guess this is the logical extension. Its not really drawn in a manga style but has a good pedigree with one of the artists having worked for 2000AD