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Jia Yueting

LeEco’s CEO Jia Yueting Says Company Overstretched, Now Running Out of Cash – Slashdot – possible acquisition target for Huawei? Jia Yueting is the epitome of a Chinese success story. LeEco was a sprawling technology conglomerate, he owns billions in assets and has an actress trophy wife. LeEco started off as an online video platform, Netflix would be a good western analogue. The LeEco service is on Chinese smart TVs. From there Jia Yueting expanded LeEco into smartphones including a share in Coolpad and mobile apps. Jia Yueting spearheaded a move into Chinese real estate, sports and even electric cars through Faraday Future. All of this expansion has been funded by listings and a mountain of debt that financed the Jia Yueting expansion efforts.


Founder Dilution | A VC – great breakdown


Remembering the Clancy Brothers on the anniversary of Tom’s death (VIDEOS) – interesting to hear how the beat poets and and counterculture influenced something I thought was auld Irish


UK trade deficit widens unexpectedly as exports fall despite pound drop | The Guardian – “If we are lucky, the weak pound may boost exports, but I would highlight that export growth tends to be driven more by the strength of overseas demand, rather than the exchange rate.”


A ‘Highly Lethal’ War Of ‘Fleeting’ Advantages: Multi-Domain Battle « Breaking Defense – exceptionally grim reading

YouGov | Should Labour be a workers’ party, or a party of the liberal left? – interesting read, one can see that the ‘Labour voters’ are a more natural constituency for UKIP and the Conservatives. Classically the voters which kept Thatcher in power

The influencer economy is real, but brands and agencies are at risk of destroying it | Campaign – great op-ed by Rob Hinchcliffe


UPS, SAP, Fast Radius pact for industrial 3D printing – Business Insider – blurring the line between logistics and manufacturing


Google rejects EU Android competition charges | RTE – but they are an effective monopoly rather like Windows complete with bundling issues

The legal questions at the heart of the High Court Article 50 ruling – BBC News – interesting how the points have been highlighted in terms of law. The precedent post-Brexit would be more interesting


Shell #makethefuture – Best Day of My Life – interesting, odd music based campaign by Shell


Decoding the GDPR and its implications for UK children | LSE Media Policy Project – interesting analysis


Silicon Valley Is Worried That Trump Is Going To Grab Them By The Data – BuzzFeed News – interesting comments by Pinboard founder


Shop Til You Drop? Shanghai Mall Opens “Husband Nursery” | What’s On Weibo – interesting trial by Vanke, I wonder if they will roll it out to other properties


China’s new cybersecurity law is bad news for business | TechCrunch – its bad for non-Chinese businesses


Apple has killed off everything good about the Macbook Pro – TechEye – size zero design obsession bullshit

Web of no web

Sensor City strikes China Deal – not sure how UK will gain in longer term