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Webcam images

UK spy agency intercepted webcam images of millions of Yahoo users (Guardian)UK spy agency intercepted webcam images of millions of Yahoo users  —  • Optic Nerve program collected Yahoo webcam images in bulk  —  • 1.8m users targeted by GCHQ in six-month period alone – the cynical may draw a comparison to 1984 and the unblinking eye of Big Brother in every home, on balance it must make for deeply boring content. Webcam images every five minutes is probably not useful except for presence and building up a set to train a neural network


Babel Street picks up $2M to serve as your international data interpreter | VentureBeat

Cheung Kong profits up 10% | RTHK

China’s internet giants eye acquisitions to plug service gaps | SCMP – (paywall)

Elon Musk’s giga factory dependent on two high-risk assumptions | Quartz

6 Industries That Will Profit From Global Warming | Wired

Seniors left stranded as China’s cab drivers prefer app subsidies | WantChinaTimes

Why WhatsApp’s Founder Hates Being Called An Entrepreneur | BusinessInsider

Japan’s Line denies report of talks to sell stake to SoftBank | Reuters

Qantas and its ilk are losing the Asian skies to oil money and penny pinchers – Middle Eastern airlines on international routes and discount airlines on short haul routes

Consumer Behaviour

Web changes the way women shop for consumer goods | CampaignAsia

GlobalWebIndex: China Had The Highest Mobile Internet Penetration  – data showed that 65% of netizen worldwide accessed internet via mobile phone, while the percentage was even higher in specific country-China had 83% mobile internet penetration with approximately 383 million netizens. China had the highest tablet internet penetration as well

The Rise of Mother-Daughter Team Shoppers – The Cut

Men Open to New Brands; W-O-M and Ads Key for Awareness | Marketing Charts – More than 6 in 10 men aged 18-49 said they’re open to choosing new brands across several categories when shopping for the household, according to a new report from Defy Media


Jack Burton returns in the new Big Trouble in Little China comic! – too awesome for words aside from Hell Yeah!


It costs 5 times more than it did in 1970 to visit Disney World | Quartz

Euro zone, employment and inflation stable |

The Eurozone’s Economy Slow to Recover | Euromonitor – moderate shocks could push the eurozone into another recession

WHY THE ECONOMY SUCKS: Because American Companies And Their Owners Are Greedier Now Than At Any Time In History | BusinessInsider


Samsung Reportedly Tried to Suppress a Film Critical of Its Safety Record – like as if you need more proof to show what a nasty piece of work Samsung can be


Trouble in China’s food service sector | Euromonitor

The Billion Dollar Divorce: Kraft and Mondelez Two Years On | Euromonitor

Why instant coffee is so hot in Columbia? | Quartz

How America fell out of love with orange juice | Quartz


Nokia X hands on: An ugly but surprisingly functional $120 smartphone

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Triads Have Lower Profile |

How to

Google Analytics – from Classic to Universal | Hong Kong Web Analytics

Xiaomi Mi2 price cut to just $212 in China | Gizchina – Xiaomi’s popular Snapdragon 600 phone, the Xiaomi Mi2S has had it’s price slashed from 1699 Yuan to just 1299 Yuan!

xkcd: Now – great time hack just refresh


New Mg-air Fuel Cell Developed for Emergency Use | Nikkei TechOn – by The Furukawa Battery Co Ltd

Rolls-Royce Drone Ships Challenge $375 Billion Industry: Freight – Bloomberg – interesting move, however are crews really that expensive?


Korea is Asia’s key test market for global tech companies, including Facebook | VentureBeat – There has been much talk about Facebook’s inability to crack the tough, localized Asian market, but in an interview with Facebook’s top brass in Korea, this situation seems to be improving – but KakaoTalk is still way ahead of Facebook


U.S. Companies in China Cite Corruption Challenges in Survey | BloombergBusinessweek – the most common problems: sales kickbacks to customers, followed by employee fraud


Shanghai Tang CEO: why Chinese luxury for Chinese consumers isn’t a hard sell | Jing Daily

Hilton claims it is taking share from rivals in China | Jing Daily

Cheaper luxury brands gain appeal in China | SCMP


Cheil UK creates camera bot for Samsung

Delta Changes Rewards to Dollars Spent, Not Miles Flown | Bloomberg – achieving elite status in a carrier’s loyalty program has come to reflect customers’ revenue yield, not how many miles they fly

#Disclosure: New FTC Social Media Guidelines for PR « Institute for Public Relations Institute for Public Relations

CIC 2014 China Social Media Landscape – Where to Play & How to Play? – brilliant for social media landscape


Time Inc. Taps Google For Programmatic Sales | MediaPost – The new platform, powered by Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange, will give advertisers programmatic access to brands including Time, People and Sports Illustrated

Hong Kong marketers to boost spending for online, new free-TV options: HK2A and Nielsen – Forty-two per cent of advertisers indicated they will increase advertising spending in 2014, with internet advertising accounting for much of the growth, according to the latest survey on advertising spending projections by the Hong Kong Advertisers Association (HK2A) and Nielsen

Chinese video sites fight for exclusive rights to US dramas |


The mobile Internet’s consumer dividend | McKinsey & Company

Why China is 10 years ahead in social commerce | Marketing-Interactive – social media platforms are moving to e-commerce, and e-commerce players are developing their own social platforms in an epic clash of the titans between heavyweights Alibaba and Tencent

adidas Goes High Concept in China to Get an Edge On Nike’s Trashy Strategy


At the RSA Security Conference, Things Get Testy and Then They Get Awkward –

Tor is building an anonymous instant messenger | daily dot

Apple readies improvements for TouchID | VentureBeat

How a Hacker Intercepted FBI and Secret Service Calls With Google Maps | Valleywag

Inside the Army’s First Field Manual for Cyber Electromagnetic War | DefenceOne – The Army’s first-ever electromagnetic warfare field manual shows that, for the military, IEDs and spam have a lot in common

360 million newly stolen credentials on black market: cybersecurity firm | Reuters

Less Than Half Of IT Pros At RSA Conference Say NSA Went Too Far – DarkReading – it is a pity that an aggregate nationality break down wasn’t run on this survey to see what US versus foreign IT professionals thought


Facebook Messenger for Windows will Shut Down on March 3 – the future is mobile for Facebook

Hands-on with Samsung’s Tizen OS: An impressively capable Android clone | Ars Technica

Nokia Hopes Developers Write for Its Branched Android – Now that it has adopted Android, Nokia hopes that developers will come running to create apps for its new smartphones. Nokia claims that for app creators to adjust their existing apps to work on the Nokia X, X+, and XL will be no big deal


Pantech looks to restructure debt – Pantech have done some innnovative things such as gesture control years before Samsung


Telcos to lose $386b from OTT VoIP: Ovum | TelecomAsia

Web of no web

As Cars Increasingly Become Smartphones on Wheels, Their Makers Need to Support Both Android and iOS | Euromonitor

Stolen from tech writer, Google Glass dutifully records the suspect | VentureBeat – Sarah Slocom shouldn’t have been recording the general public like this anyway, the violence was uncalled for, but I have little sympathy for Sarah Slocom either


China Smartphone Shipments Dropped Slightly in Q4 2013 – According to IDC quarterly report on China smartphone shipments, PRC smartphone shipments dropped for the first time in Q4 2013 after 9 quarters of consecutive explosive growth

The party’s over: IDC predicts sharp decline in smartphone market growth, with no replacement in sight – hence the commotisation and fight at the bottom, probably with Apple maintaining some premium share