Vaseline FUBAR & other things

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This week has seen a couple of mind boggling marketing moves. First of all Vaseline made Valentine’s themed content that in retrospect probably doesn’t seem like the smartest idea now.



I am not sure what this a parable of:

  • The decline of corporate communications and legal in a company as reputation guardians?
  • The decline of critical thinking in brand marketers? It certainly wasn’t culturally appropriate for the UK
  • The high price of cost reduction in content where the agency folks no longer give f__k? You can’t commoditise heart, but you can kill it
  • All of the above?

Matt Hancock cock-up

The UK’s digital minister  Matt Hancock launched is own app. I can see why:

  • Electorate engagement benefits – he just needs enough to benefit from the UK’s first-past-the-post electoral system
  • Cost and hassle of voter service



Instead it was flooded by London’s agency world and mocked in a similar way to the irony bombing in reviews of selected products on Amazon UK.  This wouldn’t happen in China where the party has successfully launched hundreds of apps for the cadre.

Peggy Gou

I have been listening to this great mix by Peggy Gou

Munich animal shelter

ZAK Agency’s weekly ‘Cool Sh*t’ newsletter flagged up some lovely videos from a Munich-based animal welfare charity

I love this ‘conspiracy film’ trailer from Taco Bell starring Josh Duhamel. Great content doesn’t need to be constrained by a six-second chunk optimised for social.