iPhone tweet blunder + more

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Chinese phone maker Huawei punishes employees for iPhone tweet blunder | Reuters – I don’t understand why Huawei isn’t using agencies in Hong Kong any more, so that there isn’t these kind of problems. Huawei punishes employees for iPhone tweet blunder also makes the company look petty. We know Huawei employees use Apple products, Madam Meng had an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air when arrested. Yes it was an iPhone tweet blunder, but they could have been bigger and more mature about it. You don’t get an iPhone tweet blunder if you use use a desktop service like Hootsuite, Buffer or similar social publishing platforms like Percolate that allow for complete corporate control. More related content here.

Qualcomm kicks off crucial fight with U.S. antitrust regulator | Reuters

Release Devanagari support · IBM/plex · GitHub – IBM’s font Plex is available for download

China says its navy is taking the lead in game-changing electromagnetic railgunsChinese warships will soon be equipped with electromagnetic railguns that fire projectiles with “incredibly destructive velocity,” and that the underlying technology was based on “fully independent intellectual property,” rather than designs copied from other nations. – Interesting as the US Navy shut down their rail gun programme, you can see footage on YouTube that gives you an idea of how devastating it would be.


The liberating thrill of a slender book | Quartz – Let’s keep this short. We’re busy. We want to read but don’t have time for deep dives, and that applies to books as well as articles

Startup founders say age bias is rampant in tech by age 36There’s a scourge in tech that apparently runs even deeper than sexism or racism: ageism. In a wide-ranging survey of US startup founders polled by venture-capital firm First Round Capital, 37% said age is the strongest investor bias against founders, while 28% cited gender and 26% cited race.

Underclocking the ESP8266 Leads To WiFi Weirdness | Hackaday – you could have your own local area radio network on the down low

Understanding the Emerging Era of International Competition: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives | RAND – great background on the rivalry between China, the US and European Union

Opinion | Is This the End of the Age of Apple? – The New York TimesThis is a big issue not only for Apple but also for all of tech. There is not a major trend that you can grab onto right now that will carry everyone forward. The last cool set of companies — Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest and, yes, Tinder — were created many years ago, and I cannot think of another group that is even close to as promising (paywall)

Masayoshi Son wants Arm’s blueprints to power all tech – Armed with a crystal ball | The Economist – I have a lot of respect for Son-san but this reads like bubble-level BS. There are so many variables such as China 2025 that make this inadvisable. Secondly its not like ARM is the only micro-computer core design that’s low power and available. Thirdly, we’ve hit peak smartphone, other devices won’t offer the same business opportunity

Amazon says 100m Alexa devices sold – usage figures remain a mystery | The Drum – and in the second part of the headline is the rub

Chinese coffee startup Luckin: We won’t be the next ofo | HEJ Insight – interesting read that reminded me a lot of the reporting on the original dot com boom in the UK and US

Internet rightists’ strategy of provocation gaining traction in Japan | The Japan Times – Japan starts to see western style internet wars with personal attacks (paywall)

When Ad Breaks Get Weird: Branded Content in Chinese TV Dramas Is Ruining It For the Viewers | What’s on Weibo – this is pretty tripped out