The future of fashion + more things

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Are sneakers the future of fashion? – i-D – not a bad article. Native advertising for Christian Louboutin’s sneaker collection – though they remind me a lot of various vintage of ASH and Alexander McQueen sneakers. More on the why of streetwear and sportswear merging with luxury. The reason why the future of fashion is more casual is because the big markets are in East and Southeast Asia. They are younger, often the scions of first generation money.

French Billionaire Arnault Calls Greta Thunberg ‘Demoralising’ | News & Analysis | BoF“She’s a dynamic young girl, but she’s surrendering completely to catastrophism,” Arnault, France’s richest man, said Wednesday. “I find that her views are demoralising for young people.” – interesting commentary with a philosophical angle

Volvo is asking people to share seat-belt selfies so it can improve safety in future cars | AdAge – Grand Prix for Creative Strategy – interesting approach to norming

Black & Abroad, Volvo grab Grand Prix glory at Cannes | AdAgeForsman & Bodenfors achieved something similar, but with a completely different message to a entirely different audience. The agency was tasked with promoting equal road safety for men and women, and set about sifting through decades of crash data that Volvo had been collecting since the 1970s. It found that women are more likely than men to suffer injuries from a crash, in part, because most auto companies use male crash-test dummies to test their cars—which over the years has hindered how car manufacturers design safety features for their vehicles.

Dentsu creative: Ill-conceived purpose campaigns are ruining the industry | Advertising | Campaign Asia – good point by Toshihiko Tanabe. 16 out of 21 Grand Prix awards at Cannes were social purpose / cause campaigns

UK ministers accused of sealing Thomas Cook’s fate | Business | The Guardian“Two governments were prepared to back a British brand, the UK government wasn’t,” said the source. “Without that, there wasn’t enough confidence around the table to make it work.” 

In a separate move, the German government were providing Thomas Cook subsidiary airline Condor with a bridging loan, allowing the company to keep flying.

U.N. postal union clinches deal to keep U.S. in club – Reuters – interesting move given the subsidies Chinese companies are given on postage for small things sold in Amazon Marketplace, eBay etc