Super Bowl LVI + more things

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Super Bowl LVI

This week is biggest night in advertising around the Super Bowl. I understand that this the 56th match, for as the Americans like to call it Super Bowl LVI. While Super Bowl LVI is an important sports event attracting an audience across North America.

You can find 56 of the adverts on YouTube here.

Some of the more interesting adverts from my perspective has a brand anthem featuring Matthew McConaughey. What’s interesting about this is how Salesforce defines its elf in terms of being ‘anti-big tech’. It contains digs at Facebook, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk – you don’t need to work very hard to join the dots.

Kia Motors

Kia’s ad is one with more longevity. It’s packed with emotion and a fluent device of a robot dog at the centre of it. If Kia were smart they would build on the dog further in future campaigns as I think that have something here.

Choose life

The final one that grabbed me was Expedia’s ad spot with Ewan McGregor which seemed to borrow heavily from his Renton persona in Trainspotting & T2.

Here’s Ewan for Expedia with the Today programme having a preview of it.

Here’s the original ‘Choose Life’ monologue from Trainspotting. Note that Mr McGregor even sports Renton’s crew cut.

Here’s the ‘Choose Life’ monologue revisited in T2. Outside of the creative classes I don’t think most people watching NBC’s coverage in the US will understand the linkage between Expedia, Trainspotting and T2.

As a bonus here’s how the NFL was formed and how the teams got their names.

And before you ask, I think that the Rams will beat the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI.

Shiba Inu

NHK Worldwide did an amazing documentary on the Shiba Inu. The Shiba Inu is one of only 16 ‘basal breeds’. That means a closer genetic link to the source of what makes a dog a dog than newer breeds. By comparison breeds like the labrador have evolved much further. This shows up in the Shiba Inu behaviour such as the lack of relative physical closeness to their owners, despite having a deep bond.

Audrey Tang, digital minister, government of Taiwan, Republic of China

Audrey Tang is a legendary technologist and has developed some the best work combatting misinformation anywhere in the world. It is a great interview to listen to during your lunch hour. The lessons of her work have never been so important. I also love what she says about the importance of the commons, living the open source spirit and broadband as a human right.

Recycling glass

I am fascinated by manufacturing processes and the nature of materials. This video on how glass is recycled into loft insulation by Owen Corning is fascinating. Its a bit of a long video but worthwhile watching.


I never thought I would be writing about Yemen. This video on the Caspian Report discusses how Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are using the cover the Yemeni civil war to build bases that would allow them to project force into major shipping routes.

Project Apollo

Amazing NASA film that outlined the ambition for the Apollo missions.