DLD 2019 & things that made last week

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Scott Galloway presented at DLD 2019, Munich this week. DLD is a German version of Paddy Cosgrave’s Web Summit. You get attendance from the EU, the German government and German banking and industry as well as the tech sector. For those that don’t know him, Scott Galloway is a business professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and the founder of L2 Inc. which was recently acquired by Gartner.

funicular freak – amazing Tumblr account, words that I don’t often have in the same sentence any more

7 of the Cutest (and Smartest) ‘Year of the Pig’ WeChat campaigns | Jing Daily  and here is how you can get it wrong. The flexibility of the WeChat platform for marketers is something that western social platforms can learn from. In terms of the content, Gucci consistently manages to come up with the right product designs and content for WeChat around lunar new year.

Chloe managed to do a good job using celebrities in their campaign. It was interesting that they collaborated with an Indian artist Rithika Merchant, rather than a Chinese artist for the New Year designs.

I had another late addition to my collection of the best Chinese New Year creative. Heineken did a Chinese New Year advert for the Singapore market. But its not on their social feeds so I can’t share it. I presume that the content must be a TV only campaign.

Starbucks opens interactive coffee sanctuary in Bali as tribute to Indonesia’s Arabica coffee | The Drum