Back to Basics

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I am reasonably tech savvy, I have been on email for ten years and used a mobile phone number for a decade and a half. However I have found myself sliding my mobile technology back in time. Last year I had a 3 mobile phone, on the UK’s first 3G network. It was shocking. I then had a traumatic move to Orange and got given a Nokia 6600.

The Nokia 6600 is not a bad phone, but I don’t need a colour screen or camera, I occasionally read my home emails on the phone and get texts. However, the phone is bulky and the battery runs out after two days. Finally I decided enough was enough and have gone back in time from a a technology terms to go with a 2000 vintage design Nokia 8850. Its small, it texts, you can speak to people, its intuitive to use and the battery lasts a week, oh yeah it has a need aluminium shell and a sliding key cover.

The 8850 is an elegant solution to my communications needs, the point is that I have gone back in tech time because the present offerings fail to meet my needs of:

  • being intuitive to use
  • easy to call and text
  • good battery life
  • good product design
  • small / discreet
  • no unnecessary items