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Richie Hawtin

I enjoyed listening to  a set Richie Hawtin for Calvin Klein. Raf Simons, the current creative director of Calvin Klein has known Richie Hawtin for a while. More related content here.

Earning attention in the digital age

Earning attention in the digital age. This a great panel at the  Market Research Society conference 2017. The panel was chaired Jay Owens, research director, Pulsar the social listening platform. Presenters included:

Jo Tenzer, Research Lead, Facebook Adam Isaacson, director, Ipsos MORI who talked about thinks like ad blockers.

Olesya Moosman, head of research, Twitter UK talked about making content human in nature.

Then there was a panel discussion that included Matt Muir, freelance communications consultant and ‘generic media tart’. Matt is the author behind the Web Curios newsletter.

Toyota Hi-Lux

One of them marketing ideas which so makes sense when you see it. Toyota Australia have tricked out a Hi-Lux as a Tonka toy and are taking it around the country. The Hi-Lux (or what Americans called the Toyota Pickup) has become a cult vehicle. It is Tonka Toy tough with reliable mechanicals were favoured over the latest technology. A frame on body chassis and a drive train that just works.

Introducing the #HiluxTonka concept car – toughness is in its DNA. 💪

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Classic techno playlist from Magnetic magazine

Classic techno playlist from Magnetic magazine with a heavy bias towards early and Detroit techno, which is no bad thing in my opinion.

GHOST IN THE SHELL : Ash Thorp – don’t bother watching Ghost in The Shell because it’s gutted the meaning out of the original and whitewashed the characters. Instead look at this to enjoy the high production values. If you want an engaging film in Ghost In The Shell universe, stay with the Production IG animated films instead.