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Director Tony Kaye happy to be working and out of ‘Hollywood jail’ | The Drum  – He says that a story arc doesn’t really matter in six seconds. “I think you can throw anything at it, as long as it’s quite clear what it’s for. If you’re working under 20 minutes, in my opinion, you don’t need any structure. You can be as fragmented or as crazy as you want.” – Tony Kaye was a legend in the advertising world, creating some of the most iconic adverts of the 1980s and early 1990s. His Hollywood debut was American X, a brilliant provocative film with the troubled production. This saw Kaye go to the ‘Hollywood jail’ of the title where he could not get work in the film industry.

Hackers stole a casino’s database through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank – Business Insider – “It’s probably one area where there’ll likely need to be regulation for minimum security standards because the market isn’t going to correct itself,” he said. “The problem is these devices still work. The fish tank or the CCTV camera still work.” – it’s Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash in real life. The internet of things is now an under assessed security vector. In the right hands, a lot can be done with very little computing resources and computers have become pervasive in nature.

An Apology for the Internet — From the People Who Built It | New York magazine – this just scratches the surface, but is an interesting read

The Finns who refuse to give up on Sailfish OS | Engadget – given the challenges that ZTE faces. Jolla with Sailfish OS would be an ideal technology stack on their foreign handsets, particularly if they can do an English language version of the Yandex app store. That way they won’t have to localise all of their offerings as a replacement for Google Mobile Services (GMS) layer in Android. More related content here.