2018 Brand Action Library & things from last week

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The 2018 Brand Action Library by Planning Dirty has been published. I contributed one of the sections. You can view it and download it here. The 2018 Brand Action Library is a collection of campaign case studies for inspiration sorted by vertical market. it was collaborative efforts with planners and strategists from around the world, coordinated by Australian strategist Julian Cole. 

Here’s the things that made my day this week –

The Nonetheless podcast is looking to inspire female students to take up careers in STEM subject areas; as way of broadening and deepening STEM skills throughout America. As part of this, they’ve created great posters to download.  Find out more about the podcast here. You can find out more about Cynthia Breazeal’s work on her personal MIT website.

01 Cynthia Breazeal

Salvador Dalí & Walt Disney’s Short Animated Film, Destino, Set to the Music of Pink Floyd | Open Culture – it is worthwhile reading Open Culture’s bit on the backstory of this animation. They’re right, this does fit really well with Time off Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album

I have been listening to a vintage concert by Hijack in Montreux. The Montreux Jazz Festival played host to the South London rap group. The film captures them at their height. While the Britcore scene faded away into history, it left an enormous influence on the next generation of turntablists. The britcore sound of which Hijack was an exemplar is rougher, faster and harder than US productions. The closest America had to offer was Public Enemy’s wall of sound, which still lacked the energy and pace of Hijack. It feed into the breakbeat culture of rave and drum and bass music scenes. Smooth, nice and groovy it isn’t. 

Great brand film by Mercedes-Benz; presumably aimed at reframing the whole debate around women drivers. The film was made by R/GA, New York.

Finally Miu Miu’s autumn winter collection film is really nicely done.

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