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Li Ning

Can Li Ning Hang Onto Its Investors? – Exchange – WSJ – Li Ning struggles to cross the chasm to become an international sports brand. Li Ning is named after its founder, a former Chinese olympian. The business started in 1989 and came to global prominence ambushing Nike and Adidas at the 2008 Beijing olympics.


China to Air Pro-China Ad in U.S. During Hu Visit – WSJ – surely the brief should have been placed with an agency that better understands the intended markets and has ‘consumer’ insight?

Americans See China as No. 1 – China Real Time Report – WSJ – this perception is going to affect US foreign and defence policy

A Walled Wide Web for Nervous Autocrats – – governments support open source software


How TDK Upgraded the Old-School Boombox | Fast Company – interesting blend of insights and product design


How Microsoft beat Apple to the Mac App Store by four years – and then dumped it | Technology |


2011 Trend Watch: How Far Will Countries Go To Court Chinese Spenders? « Jing Daily – Japan, Korea and the UK going a long way


China’s Strikes Deal to Stream ‘Inception’ – – much more reasonable price points than are charged in the West. 5 Yuan is about the same price as buying a copy of Inception on DVD at a night market in Shenzhen


BBC News – Thousands of stolen iTunes accounts for sale in China – what’s the betting that this is partly due to the Gawker attack before Christmas?


Microsoft changes course in pursuit of iPad |


LG says WP7 hasn’t gone well so far, while Android hurts RIM more than iPhone | Technology | – ‘lower consumer visibility‘of WP7 is what they actually talked about

Southeast Asian Nations Reveal ICT Masterplan, China Is of Little Help | Fast Company – China ramping up on cyber threats due to viruses and phishing attacks


Network neutrality: A tangled web | The Economist

Web of no web

New Contact Lenses With LED Displays is Must-See TV, Literally – ExtremeTech – awesome Terminator vision ^_^