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Invisible birdcage

China’s Internet: The Invisible Birdcage | Sinocism – interesting article on the business factors driving the Chinese internet. Linguistic and cultural difference has created a vibrant domestic internet scene. The invisible birdcage in question is the Chinese eco-system of sites and services that mean China’s netizens need not stray far. Inside the invisible birdcage we see an active, lively online environment full of the kind of social activities one would expect on western platforms. The invisible birdcage confounds expectations of a censored internet experience.

Feds to Launch Probe of Google – – but is this good for consumers, or just companies like Microsoft who have consistently been lobbying Washington and Brussels? The ironic aspect of this is that social search could finally shake things up

High-tech venture capitalists to Congress: The PROTECT IP Act is bad for America – Boing Boing – which is why Silicon Roundabout turning to Silicon Britain is a pipe dream


Chinese Media Giants In War Of Words Over Luxury Consumption « Jing Daily – interesting that this is on CCTV around about the same time as discussions on reducing luxury goods tax. Rui Chenggang is the Cheryl Cole of Chinese newsreaders – No longer a Cinderfella – fashion as a real-world attention economy. Luxury brands having to step up and provide decent men’s products

From Alley To Airport: Beijing Urban Brand NLGX « Jing Daily

Boutique Supermarkets Flourishing In China, But Is The Demand There? « Jing Daily

Breaking Down China’s Booming Luxury Watch Market « Jing Daily

In China, Women Begin Splurging on Luxury Items – – interesting change in purchasing power, much more egalitarian than North America or Europe

Business of Luxury summit: Amex discovers a new luxury consumer | – gen-x new fashion buyers: electronics, home furnishings, holidays


“Brands are over-obsessed with fans,” says Facebook adsales chief |


Geosocial networking: The secret sexism of social media | The Economist – this feels a bit lazy. Whilst I agree that security and competition plays a role; its also probably because this stuff is early adopter in nature and that tends to skew male anyway

Underpinnings of the Internet Shift – – interesting the way governments are subverting the freedoms of citizens in developed countries. This is probably the most lasting legacy of Wikipedia, the wisdom of mobs and the lobbyists of the media industries who see UGC as akin to communism


Jack Ma: we’ve got this covered | – interesting how the Baby Taobaos are specialising to combat competition, if Steve Ballmer had done this with Microsoft; they’d have been dangerous


Hackers publish claimed Tony Blair contacts |

Danish police proposal: Ban anonymous Internet use – Boing Boing


Nokia’s Stephen Elop is still over MeeGo, even if the N9 is a hit – Engadget – this isn’t strategy its dogma


Gartner follows IDC’s PC sales cut forecast for 2011 and sees change ahead |