Outlook for Mac + more

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Use Outlook for Mac? Don’t upgrade to El Capitan | The Inquirer – yet. It looks like the Microsoft dev team for Outlook for Mac have more work and testing ahead of themselves.

Read our lips, no more EU roaming charges* | The Register – surely this would be pre-dictated on their network footprint? Would this mean that Vodafone Germany could sell me one of their SIMs in the UK?

Attention! Facebook is losing its footing – Fanpage Karma Blog – as a service platform, it wouldn’t surprise me as Twitter’s context in this regard makes more sense, though I know people like BT have invested in customer services on Facebook (and in their case it makes sense due to the universal nature of their brand)

The Surprisingly Traditional Media Path of Razor Clubs | L2 Inc. – I suspect down to needed authoritative endorsement?

Why are luxury brands poaching leaders from the mainstream | Marketing Interactive – will this bring an existential crisis about what luxury means?

Georgia Tech Pumps Water Through Silicon for Chip Cooling | Hackaday – this sounds really impressive. More semiconductor related developments here.

What We Know About the Secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership that Was Just Signed | Motherboard – it makes some interesting reading

Digital Ads Sell Candidates and Causes, in 15-Second Bursts | New York Times – short-form political campaigns

Is the dotcom bubble about to burst (again)? | The Guardian – The issue that I see is that lack of liquidity in the market for $200M+ valued companies. There will be a series of events that cause more people to turn their non-public large tech holdings into cash than available buyers. This is not materially different from the repo market which caused significant issues in 2007/2008

Study: Brands that message more, sell more | Venturebeat – just don’t piss off the customer

Didi Kuaidi buys stake in Indian ride-hailing group Ola – FT.com – interesting international expansion moves, a coalition of the willing against Uber