Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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OrbitalInstallation by WHITEvoid is a large circular flip-dot installation for Volkswagen, find out more at Prosthetic Knowledge.

It is really interesting to see that projects the one that they’ve done with WHITEvoid are funded by Volkswagen.

Pornhub does consumer marketing with a suitable for work (SFW) advert for its gift card service providing subscriptions to its content.

Helen Sharman, The First British Astronaut, Narrates an Animated Story of Her Recurring Dream of Returning to Space – feels very Kubrickesque phenomenon, on Vimeo so may not be visible to all viewers

1977 Porsche 935 & Transporter | Uncrate – I love that Porsche designed their own transporters. This is Magrius-Deutz, not a Mercedes truck like the article claims

Kartograph – Drawing new geographic data over the infrastructure of old – really interesting technology meets art project. More on where 2.0 here.