100 soundscapes + more things

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The 100 Soundscapes of Japan: A list of Japan’s greatest natural, cultural, and industrial sounds – this is the kind of project that the web was made of. It’s an inspired piece of work. Not to over-egg it but these 100 soundscapes are amazing. More Japan-related posts here.

Burberry explores Mr. Burberry’s narrative via GQ films | Luxury Daily – its a smart time for Burberry to use this to work out a new brand positioning in the light of changing luxury market dynamics and its brand consolidation for Burberry Britain etc.

I am a sucker for 1990s style CGI animation which seemed trippier and full of promise for an immersive cyber world that we would be able to one day jack into. This feels like it could be straight out of something like Lawn Runner Man or a vintage SIGGRAPH demo reel.

This pre-film trailer for Regal Cinemas in the US is a classic example  of this. Play it on a big enough screen and it swallows you up without the need for 3D glasses. I remember watching Independence Day at a cinema and coming out with aching from having continually bracing myself from the action on screen. This video has a similar effect. This immersive perspective has changed as mobile devices have become more important.

WHER: 1000 Beautiful Watts—The First All Girl Radio Station in the Nation—Part 1 by The Kitchen Sisters on PRX – really interesting documentary on the US’s first all-women radio station. Some of the interviews are shockingly sexist in a way that couldn’t happen today. Even the title 100 Beautiful Watts – why is this necessary given its discussing audio? It’s irrelevant to the medium of radio? Despite these comments don’t let me put you off enjoying it

We know acne, we don’t know teens. – YouTube – nice bit of honest marketing by Clearasil. We were all teens but every generations experience is a bit difference. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes as Mark Twain reputedly claimed.