Voyager + other things

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Voyager probe – NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory launched some really cool posters to celebrate 40 years of the Voyager programme. You can download them here.

The Voyager programme consisted of two probes that were launched in 1977. The original launch time was designed to take an advantage of an alignment of Jupiter and Saturn that would allow a fly by so that scientists could learn more about them. During the Voyager journeys the have revealed previously unknown details about  planets and their moves. We found out about Jupiter’s complex weather system and the complexity of Saturn’s rings. More related content here.



Moneysupermarket nail it with this advert, I wonder if its any coincidence that Dirty Dancing has just arrived on Amazon Prime this month?

MoneySuperMarket – Dirty Dancing from Blink on Vimeo.

Acid Test

Who knew. Red Hot Chilli Pepper makes acid tracks, some of it is pretty darned good. Back in the late 1990s, you had a surprising group of bands who dipped their toe in the water, either through their choice of producer or pseudonyms like Acid Test. Tears for Fears had Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams that was released as a white label without their name on it with a remix by Fluke. The Cult experimented with techno remixes of She Sells Sanctuary.

Banjo covers

Slipknot covered on banjos with a great video. The acoustic instrument works surprisingly well for Slipknot and the down-home gothic vibe is very in keeping with them.

Don Dayglow

I’d been listening to the sounds of Don Dayglow aka Adam Hignell who specialises in post-disco remixes similar to Luxury but with a little more funk in the mix. Hignell has only released his recordings on digital formats so far. When he isn’t doing Don Dayglow project he works as a sound engineer. More on Don Dayglow at Discogs