T-WOG $ & things that made last week

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Things that made my day this week, apart from spending time with family, introducing my Mum to T-WOG $. T-WOG $ is the Terry Wogan secret pirate radio shows. We also ended up eating surprisingly little Christmas food; none of us really wanted the heaviness of seasonal fare that introduces food coma.

For those who haven’t heard it, T-WOG $ is Peter Serfinowicz channels Terry Wogan; IF he hosted a show on rinse.fm. He gets the light, deft responses that Wogan perfected for his fan base during his heyday on BBC Radio 2 or TOGs as they were called. TOGs stood for Terry’s Old Geezers and Gals. Serfinowicz then marries this with the call out culture from pirate radio since the late 1980s.

Terry was unfortunately taken from us going on for two years ago, but his cultural impact lives on.

To complete the illusion; I just need to find an impressionist who can do a passable impression of Daniel O’Donnell spitting lyrics over drill tracks.

RuPaul’s tic-tac diet from circa 1993… RuPaul had refined her persona by this time. This was done about the same time that RuPaul had her first album and mainstream success with Tommy Boy Records.

A more serious interview with RuPaul Charles courtesy of Houston PBS

Ireland, Brexit and the future of Transatlantic Relations

An Irish perspective on Brexit. Daithi O’Ceallaigh is a former Irish Ambassador to the United Kingdom, so is likely to have an informed opinion with regards how the Irish government views Brexit.

Three stories on video game addiction told in I Was A Winner. Its a great bit of film making about an issue that could be the tobacco industry of our time.

And one last thing as a seasonal bonus

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