MasterCard logo + more

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MasterCard logo redesign struck a nice balance between  change and heritage. Wired magazine has more details on the MasterCard logo redesign and how it has changed or evolved over the years. More on branding related stories here.

Snoop Dogg on a US game show via Zak Agency’s ‘cool sh*t‘ email newsletter. Legendary undersells the Doggfather.

Masaaki Hiroi’s wooden toys look amazing. They are a great example of how Japanese artisan crafts continue to manage remaining relevant.

Our Iain switched me on to Snoring (music to sleep by) from IGLOOGHOST. Which makes a lot of sense given the amount of focus on mindfulness and white noise generators in smartphone app stores.

I went to see The Avalanches play their new album at Oval Space back in June and there were a number of people in the audience ignorant of their process and exceptionally vocal on social media.

I honestly don’t know what they were expecting – Led Zeppelin type stage antics? They didn’t realise that The Avalanches are producers and turntablists. I guess this is what we get when people only know their music through their favourite playlists on Spotify rather than being able to read album notes.

This was in advance of their new album drop Wildflower. The album is tremendous; Wildflower has been on heavy rotation in/on my iPod. It moves on from the ethereal quality that their first album had to something more confident in nature. Buy it, gift it to friends and relatives.

The folks at who sampled put together this great run through of where all the pieces came from. Given The Avalanche’s creative process, this is a long but very worthwhile video walk through the Wildflower album.