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Transmeta calls it a day and looks for a buyer | Channel Register – This was a shame, we lost a golden technological opportunity with Transmeta when it was crushed by the duopoly of AMD and Intel


BBC NEWS | Politics | Northern cities ‘beyond revival’

Managing Globalization » Not just for back-office anymore – interesting and slightly scary article

Manufacturing could hit a new upswing in the United States » VentureBeat

Current Analysis and Future Research Agenda on “Gold Farming”: Real-World Production in Developing Countries for the Virtual Economies of Online Games (School of Environment and Development – The University of Manchester) – gold pharming and power levelling could be as big as Indian outsourcing business


Paul Kedrosky: U.S. Consumers Live in Smelly Houses with Fat Pets – interesting data on where the recession is likely to squeeze spending on the supermarket isles

How to

ITunes Tip: How to Trim Podcasts and Movies in iTunes – very handy for presentations

Daring Fireball: iPhone, iCal, and CalDAV


Japanese Women Shy From Dual Mommy Role –“The stakes are high here in the world’s second-largest economy, which now has the world’s highest proportion of people over 65 and lowest proportion of children under 15. According to a recent forecast, population loss will strip Japan of 70 percent of its workforce by 2050.”


Google introduces Insights – The INQUIRER

The SEC’s Interpretive Guidance on the Use of Company Web Sites: A Reality Check « BusinessWired


‘Fakeproof’ e-passport is cloned in minutes – Times Online

Vista security discovered to be even more useless – The INQUIRER – despite the headline this affects multiple OS’


Why Vista is ‘Universally Hated’ and Other Training Truths – interesting perspective on SaaS and the longevity of MS Office


Apple sued for indentured servitude – The INQUIRER


What’s Behind the iPhone 3G Glitches – Apple iPhone problems

iPhone is big in Japan, reflects local failure to innovate