Duracell, Buffett & more things

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Warren Buffett buys P&G’s Duracell business | Marketing Interactive – I think that this is smart, Duracell is a powerful brand. It has been extended from beyond its traditional high quality alkaline batteries to include rechargeable batteries, chargers and related products. Beyond distribution, the fit for Procter & Gamble is less obvious. Having Duracell under more focused management should bear dividends


Nokia would like you to know that it’s “up to something” — Tech News and Analysis – Nokia is more focused on the business to business space now, I wonder if its more than a licenced brand deal? Nokia says vanishing consumer brand may return | Reuters – as a licenced brand, think Bush, RCA or Philips

Consumer behaviour

Instagram is killing teen girls’ self-esteem – Quartz – an exaggeration, am sure you could have put in magazines, models or TV role models in this title just as well


China bad loans rise as growth slows | SCMP – medium businesses suffering

Kuwaitis to get Dow’s divested shares | Shanghai Daily – interesting move

Morgan Stanley pushed murky China stock to market | AP – Tianhe story probes and is a warning for due diligence`


Is Adblock Plus Killing Your Conversions? | Kissmetrics – it is more the issue that they are counted as false impressions

Hong Kong Tramways: West Island MTR Line opportunity to grow ad revenue | Marketing Interactive – Hong Kong’s trams are a great outdoor advertising option which I’ve used to Tommy Bahama in the past


The Nor » All Cameras Are Police Cameras – interesting article on the paranoia imbued by surveillance technology. It opens serious questions about devices like Ring security cameras

McChrystal warns against ‘police state’ | Politico – sweet spot between police state and anarchy


TSMC Predicts Next Big Thing | EE Times – MEMs and CMOS together on the one chip

Tencent’s Quarterly Earnings Disappoint As WeChat And Mobile Gaming Growth Slows | TechCrunch – games growth wouldn’t run at the same rate in the west anyway?

Build Your Own Tiny Titan Supercomputer for Less than a Grand | Motherboard – gives you an idea of how technology has changed


YouGov Profiler – so handy for throwing together personas