Twitter bars intelligence agencies + more

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Twitter Bars Intelligence Agencies From Using Analytics Service – WSJ – I don’t think that this will affect Twitter’s revenue that much. I also don’t think that Twitter bars intelligence agencies will restrict their access to information overall

China white-box players leaving tablet market and pushing into new applications – focus instead on ‘two-in-one’ device, robots and VR goggles. Expect keener pricing due to competition

Xiaomi seems kinda desperate for you to get excited about its big new phone – make or break time in China’s tough smartphone market for Xiaomi and its eco-system

China Exports Stabilized in April Amid Weakness in Currency – Bloomberg – interesting variances in top line take aways from this. Reuters described exports and imports as ‘lower than expected’

Calls for Reckitt Benckiser boycott in South Korea — – Korean consumers are forcing supermarkets to withdraw Reckitt Benckiser products from sale.Figures are hard to verify but it apparently due to a company product injuring about 180 women and small children. 103 of them were killed, the rest suffer from horrific lung damage. The active ingredient polyhexamethylene guanidine was found to cause severe lung damage. Kids with oxygen tanks are not what company investors want to see. Back in the UK, the CEO’s pay rise has made more news, the communications team dodged the proverbial bullet. More on FMCG related items here.

5 latest changes to WeChat Public Accounts – WalktheChat – the ID changes will affect the way teams can effectively manage accounts if working in an agency

Luxury brands embrace digital storefronts in China, but will they click with buyers? | South China Morning Post

Getting Next-Gen Messaging based experiences — to work — UX/UI developments, advances and innovation — Medium

Yahoo investor hits back at ‘patent troll’ critique of activist shareholder Starboard Value – patent trolling is repeatable revenue which is what the activist has

After The Download: When Apple Turns Off The iTunes Store – When new formats race to the fore it is easy to make the mistake of taking an eye off the legacy formats. This is risky because they usually still account for very large portions of existing revenue