Ten most popular posts of H1 2016

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In order of traffic volume, the ten most popular posts of H1 2016  on my blog (up to the beginning of June):

  1. What are the major reasons behind Yahoo!’s drastic decline – a Quora question inspired post. The reasons I highlight are a bit different to the popular media narrative around the Yahoo! business
  2. How the Panama Papers story broke online – a look at how the story broke across social media and traditional news with data
  3. What the IFTTT is going on? – IFTTT changed the way it approached development which left many service users such as me in the lurch. The key outtake is don’t trust services that you don’t pay for.
  4. Inside Virgin Atlantic’s online racism crisis – how the Chinese diaspora teamed up to highlight a racially motivated incident on a Virgin flight.
  5. On Writing – inspired by a similar post that Stephen Waddington did. We had a contrast of approaches and motivations
  6. The Trouble with Twitter – with growth stalled what does it mean for the social media platform?
  7. Yahoo! how did we get here? – similar post in many respects to to the top-ranking post that highlights missed opportunities
  8. Online advertising and technology data points – this is the April edition of a monthly (or as near monthly updates on statistics that I can do)
  9. The Smartphone Market and Huawei – analysis of Huawei’s consumer business. One can see the impact of smartphones on Huawei’s business. Huawei’s feature phone business was more successful than their smartphone business in terms of profit margin for a good while. Whilst Huawei has aspired to become progressively more  I updated it in a separate post when Huawei published its annual results at the beginning of April
  10. Everyday tools that are a part of my process part one – items that I use in my everyday workflow to create, curate content and brand strategy.