Porsche + more things

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Porsche pronunciation – the iconic German car company want to stop the peculiarly British mangling of their name. The British tend to assume that the end e is silent, while the correct pronouncation is Porsch-e. More on the video below.

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Creative agency ZAK created a parody of 1980s toy advert as a comment on the political upsets of 2016. The A.S.S. Squad features a parody version of Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un alongside Barbie.

A Polish ad, that schools John Lewis on how to make the signature Christmas ad. This advert manages to bring in great storytelling and emotion into play. The bit that most surprised me is that it was for language learning software. Rosetta Stone will need to improve the quality of their own advertising assets.

Japan’s love for acid house, from adverts to anime | Dazed Digital – some of this is nuts, but in a good way. Japanese producers have been mixing acid house elements into idol band productions. Imagine if Simon Cowell was producing X Factor artists using production elements found by rifling through the back catalogue of Detroit techno artists and managing to somehow not make a pigs ear of it all. They way that this is done is very clever and other worldly all at the same time.

FCB Seoul used ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) to emphasise the experience of eating the Ritz crackers. ASMR is becoming a well worn tool for marketers doing online video. But I thought Ritz’ particular execution was really well done in this advert. Korean society and culture has fads that ripples through it online and offline. Its one of the reasons why consumer boycotts get wide scale adoption there. Getting on board with ASMR was a smart move given this nature of Korean consumer behaviour.

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