UK pirate notice programme + more

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MPAA Considered Pulling Out of UK Pirate Notice Program | TorrentFreakBoth Vaizey and Luke felt that if notices only started going out in the months preceding the May 2015 general election that would be an unwelcome development. A delay on notice-sending until the fall of 2015 was preferred all round – the UK pirate notice programme shows how media piracy is a vote-losing political hot potato. What the MPAA needs is a better idea, like what iTunes did for music piracy, rather than the UK pirate notice programme. More related content here.

Personal tracking and online identity – 31C3 – from the CCC conference watch this and have a serious think about the quantified self etc. The security implications of this are quite frightening – Everyone’s reading it.: The Big Gushcloud Exposé – interesting Singapore blogger ad network spat. Singapore has an odd bloggersphere due to its unique laws governing media. However, influencers have been quick to monetise their work with brands

How the Graft Crackdown is Rippling Through China’s Economy | WSJ – (paywall)

The Battle for Space | Slate – really interesting overview of space technology

Apple expands its social presence with new iTunes Tumblr blog | 9to5Mac – social publishing

The tao of Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi | Techinasia – interesting business model. Software and services are the Gillette razors, the phone is the Gillette shaver handle. And Lei Jun comes across as a bit of a dick; ok a lot of a dick

Morgan Stanley Analysts Try GoPro, Discover Their Lives Are Boring | WSJ – just brilliant content. Not everyone has a life worthy of the X Games, but does raise questions about the GoPro as a mainstream consumer product over the long term (paywall)

Google eyes Android to be built directly into cars | Shanghai Daily – is it ready for this? More importantly, what will be the security and safety related safeguards, given that you need your brakes to work at all times?