Stone Island morphing print + more

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Stone Island morphing, evolving print for its new collection | Dazed – why Stone Island isn’t cited more often as innovators is beyond me. It’s more than a football casual brand. Stone Island morphing print is an extension of the approach that the brand has taken in materials development. It changes technical and aesthetic properties, with one eye on tactical garment detailing.

Elizabeth Warren plan to break up Amazon, Facebook, Google, big tech – Business Insider – this could get interesting. While Elizabeth Warren won’t be president, her views will help shape Democratic party policy. Big tech’s historically cozy relationship with the Democrats will come under pressure.

How Makimoto’s Wave Explains the Tsunami of Specialized AI Processors Headed for Market – ExtremeTech – great read and analysis on the current trend of specialised processors for machine learning and crypto currency applications. More on Makimoto’s wave here.

WHY COMPETITION IN THE POLITICS INDUSTRY IS FAILING AMERICA A strategy for reinvigorating our democracy Katherine M. Gehl and Michael E. Porter | Harvard Business Review – it seemed pertinent to read just as the UK spins out of control on Brexit. I can’t work out if it is consumer behaviour or related to the electoral system. In both the UK and US; they have first past the post systems rather than proportional representation. Proportional representation is more popular in many European countries including Ireland and Germany.

Huawei seen as better value for money than Apple and Samsung by Brits | YouGov – interesting trade off between low trust but good value

Eight in 10 Britons rely on cash for everyday payments, report finds | Money | The Guardian – there seems to be a discrepancy between cash infrastructure usage and apparent cash usage? I suspect that card usage must be focused in the large cities and cash usage more popular in smaller towns.