ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서

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Stone Island morphing, evolving print for its new collection | Dazed – why Stone Island isn’t cited more often as innovators is beyond me. It’s more than a football casual brand

Elizabeth Warren plan to break up Amazon, Facebook, Google, big tech – Business Insider – this could get interesting

How Makimoto’s Wave Explains the Tsunami of Specialized AI Processors Headed for Market – ExtremeTech – great read and analysis

WHY COMPETITION IN THE POLITICS INDUSTRY IS FAILING AMERICA A strategy for reinvigorating our democracy Katherine M. Gehl and Michael E. Porter | Harvard Business Review – it seemed pertinent to read just as the UK spins out of control on Brexit

Huawei seen as better value for money than Apple and Samsung by Brits | YouGov – interesting trade off between low trust but good value

Eight in 10 Britons rely on cash for everyday payments, report finds | Money | The Guardian – there seems to be a discrepancy between cash infrastructure usage and apparent cash usage?