Gundam themed advert + more things

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Toyota have made a Gundam themed advert for the Japanese market. It is interesting that this Gundam themed advert is a Japan only creative. It might be intellectual property rights. I think something like this would be popular abroad as a Gundam themed advert would tap into Cool Japan.

In many European countries Toyota’s safe but boring line-up would benefit from the uplift provided by tying into Cool Japan. The reason for these boring product lines is free trade agreements and import quotas.

Japan now means quality, engineering, design and is generally very much appreciated with a lot of goodwill. More Japan related content here.

ISART digital animation school students came up with this great short film about a gravedigger and his son. It’s as good as anything that’s been coming out of the likes of DreamWorks animation.

London DJ Kid Batchelor and E-Mix on this 1989 mix at Confusion de Londra, Shaftsbury London. It’s hard to understand now how much of the early house seen was built by the likes of Kid Batchelor in central London clubs. Now culture as moved away from the centre as property developers have moved in.

NOTCOT.ORG | Rhei electro-mechanical clock with a liquid display – From an economic point of view this makes no sense. There are much easier ways to solve this as an engineering problem. But I can’t help but love the sheer bloodymindedness that underpins this as a project. More design related posts here.

Parks and Pickering did a slow tempo mix with tougher beats of Imagination – Just An Illusion, but this uptempo live version kills them all. I’m surprised that there was never a more uptempo club mix of it as it sounds like a classic house track. Another Imagination track Changes was remixed by the legendary Larry Levan. Leee John is still very underrated as a performer.