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Keyboardio Blog — December 2018: A startling discovery – one of the worst tales I’ve heard about manufacturing in Shenzhen; this is off-the-hook. Keyboardio have been extraordinarily unlucky. Keyboardio are famous for making custom mechanical keyboards

Volkswagen ‘readies to write off’ $300m investment in Israeli ride-hailing service Gett – Business – – digital is a winner takes all environment, or at best an 80-20 duopoly. But I still reckon Uber’s model is BS because they still aren’t profitable. It is an arbitrage play that has failed because it requires public transport to be put out of business.

Influencers Are Faking Brand Deals – The Atlantic – sounds like a cargo cult, but on social media. Presumably they think some lower tier brands will be impressed and offer them a real deal.

Ex-Microsoft Intern: Google Deliberately Crippled Edge Browser | ExtremeTech – interesting that Microsoft staff are ascribing behaviour (product bundling) to Google that they did with Microsoft Explorer. Although it also wouldn’t surprise me if they were right on this occasion.

This Health Startup Won Big Government Deals—But Inside, Doctors Flagged Problems | Forbes – interesting inside tale of Babylon Health. Interesting especially in the light of IBM Watson Health’s failure

Defiant Xi Jinping Says No One Can Dictate Reforms to China – Bloomberg – depending how you read this statement “No one is in the position to dictate to the Chinese people what should and should not be done.” This could be defending legitimacy of CCP AND OR Chinese firms and people can do what they like abroad with impunity

Xi Jinping’s Strongman Rule Comes Under Fire as China Celebrates Deng’s Reforms – WSJ – Xi will never be as good as Deng, just like his Dad wasn’t

Netflix’s Movie Blitz Takes Aim at Hollywood’s Heart – The New York Times – it reminds me a bit of the ‘New Hollywood’ movement of the 1970s (paywall)