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World of Visuals

Interesting trends interview that covers a lot of the issues influencing the interviewer calls the world of visuals. The world of visuals is considered to be influenced by everything from a desire for authenticity and video content to the metaverse. While the metaverse is immature (despite what you may here elsewhere), the effect on culture of the world of visuals will be more apparent.

I saw the impact of the web on graphic design way before I got to experience the web at college. The idea of the technology inspired (mostly wrong) cultural tropes. The move towards ‘b-roll’ video makes a lot of sense. The world of visual interview gives an insight to where Getty Images thinks that the world of visuals is going.

John Le Carré

I came across some amazing interviews with author John Le Carré. John is sadly no longer with us, but the video footage still feels very pertinent. Beyond the Karla Trilogy of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy, The Honourable School Boy and Smiley’s People – I would also recommend Agent Running In The Field – which shows how well Le Carré still kept his finger on the pulse and was written as a riposte to Brexit. Brexit also persuaded Le Carré to change his nationality to Irish in the end, he died an Irishman.

Gucci x Palace

Following on from their collaborations with The North Face, Gucci has now collaborated with UK skate and streetwear brand Palace. Like Kim Jones over at Christian Dior, Gucci seem to be really on the zeitgeist.

Soviet oil

Asianometry has put together another great documentary. This time he focuses on how the Russian empire became an oil power. If you like John’s introduction to the subject area, I can recommend Daniel Yergin’s The Prize, as a Christmas read. This was required reading back when I worked in the oil and gas industry at the start of my career. Yergin covered the oil industry globally from 1850 to 1990 in this book and complements this introductory video to the subject.