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Semantic autogeneration

Adobe Experimenting With Semantic Autogeneration of 3D Worlds – ReadWriteWebAdobe has come up with a great application that goes way further than Microsoft Photosynth “Infinite Images is that it can assemble a world out of any collection of photos, logically connecting them based on the semantics of their descriptive tags. So, for instance, you could take a diverse group of street scenes and stitch them into something resembling Google’s Street View, except that you might start navigating down a street in London and find your self standing on a street in New Delhi.” Very cool and Adobe is the creative defacto standard so this makes sense. – I was thinking about how multimedia used to be assigned to an ‘author’. The idea of language (be it tags or prose) being used to do semantic autogeneration offers the opportunity to tear down the wall between adaptations and a story’s author.


A New Look for McDonald’sMcDonald’s is rolling out new designs for its food packaging to “create unique personalities for our menu items by telling a story about each one.” Storytelling through packaging design

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google – OMG presentations are going to be soooo easy to do now

Best Ad: Evolution of Logos

Chung Dha Lam: Animated Businesscards – one of those duh ideas that works really well


Porsches Clever Corner in VW Stock – DealBook – New York Times


Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: What Tim O’Reilly gets wrong about the cloud – I can see this debate going on and on.


Dark Roasted Blend: Vending Machines Craze in Japan


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Facebook Hemorrhaging Cash, Runs To Dubai For Money


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Apple says iPhone is a console experience not a phone


MacBook Pro Tradeoffs – no matte screen, heavier, battery life that sucks. I think I’ll stick with my old model MacBook Pro for a while yet.

Heaviest Internet Users Also Heavy TV Viewers | WebProNews – so how much attention is paid to either media and is the sum of the attentions worth anything near the undivided attention of an immersive media?


Who Killed the VoIP Revolution? – GigaOM

Web of no web

TomTom Route Planner Beta – TomTom tries to do a better Google Maps