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Next Up: Facebook Messenger Content From Publishers? – will Facebook Messenger content as publishing platform happen? WeChat has already got a mature content platform offering. This provides a clear framework for how Facebook Messenger content could look and feel. A bigger challenge for publishers and Facebook is how to monetise it

SMARTPHONES: Dakele Becomes First Smartphone Victim – Bottom line: The closure of small smartphone maker Dakele marks the latest distress signal from the sector, with one or more larger, more familiar brands likely to close shop within the next 6 months. Component makers have already gone under

BMW Group THE NEXT 100 YEARS | BMW Pressclub Global – intersting concepts and ideas

Facebook pulls demand-side platform from Atlas – Business Insider – bots and bad quality adverts

Why “Go Viral” Is Not An Effective Content Marketing Strategy | Marketingland – bookmark this article, share it with colleagues, peers and clients

WPP Reports 5.3% 2015 Organic Revenue Growth | MediaPost – By comparison, Interpublic reported 6.1% organic revenue growth for 2015, while Omnicom Group reported 5.3% and Publicis Groupe reported 1.5%

How China’s rich shape national policymaking | The Japan Times – Prime Minister Li Keqiang, as part of his report on the government’s plans and activities, announced the launch of an “Internet Plus” strategy. Insiders immediately realized who had coined that term. It was none other than Pony Ma, who had started to use that phrase beginning in 2013, based on the concepts developed by his company’s own research institute. Even though Ma is not a member of the CPC, the “paternity” of the “Internet Plus” is undeniable

Mutual Funds Sour on Startup Investments – WSJ – feels eerily like the end of the original dot com bust

‘Features-as-a-service’ is changing the game for app makers – looks and feels like mash-ups did during the height of web 2.0

Capturing the Productivity Impact of the ‘Free’ Apps and Other Online Media By Leonard Nakamura and Rachel Soloveichik – or apps haven’t driven productivity any further in the 2000s. it is especially shocking when the product gains from internet connectivity from 1995 – 2000 are considered (PDF)

Huawei MateBook shipments expected to reach 400,000 units in 2016 | Digitises – Huawei’s MateBook 2-in-1 is expected to achieve annual shipments of 400,000 units, a lot lower than market watchers’ expectations of 1-2 million units as Huawei is mainly pushing the device in the high-end enterprise market instead of consumer segment

UK newspaper industry: Rewriting the story – FT.com – “The Internet is very tabloid-y,” says one Fleet Street executive. “Facebook is effectively a tabloid – short, attention-grabbing pieces of information.” – (paywall)