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Sources say Adidas has paused its video ads on Facebook while it reviews their efficacy – Digiday – From my perspective it really depends what the video ads are supposed to do.  What kind of job that they want Facebook video ads to do in the customer journey? More adidas marketing content here.

Armed with better perspective, Sir Martin Sorrell vows to ‘start again’ | Marketing Interactive – this is interesting, particularly as a number of clients put WPP on review after he left. I am not sure that he will be able to build another WPP; but he could build a great consultancy for procurement departments at major brands. I hope that he doesn’t go digital only, or go and work for a platform like Google or Facebook; selling Facebook video advertising

James Murdoch Won’t Move to Disney if Fox Deal Closes – WSJ – makes sense given his time at Rawkus Records, there is probably an itch to scratch getting out and doing his own thing

Facebook will not be accepting referendum related ads from advertisers based outside of Ireland – issues with international pro-life groups

The United States of Japan | The New Yorker – interesting analysis

Microsoft wants serious, non-gaming developers to make more money • The Register – this will put pressure on Apple’s services revenue in particular the Mac store

Ray Ozzie’s Encryption Backdoor – Schneier on Security – Scheier nails it. The sad thing is that Ozzie has been one of the few universally respected technologists over the years

The Netflix generation doesn’t do compromise | The Times – a few things about the media consumption in this. There are still shared experiences: landmark shows like Sherlock, McMafia, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, or Black Mirror. Fragmentation of audiences didn’t start with Netflix but with video cassette recorders, multiplex cinemas, Channel 4 and cable and satellite TV. There was a certain delicious irony reading about how media plurality is ‘bad’ in a paper owned by the Murdoch media empire. I committed a greater sin than the Netflix millennials and opted out of watching TV quite happily for seven years until I was gifted a Sony Trinitron TV set by a friend who was getting a flat screen –  which would probably count as even more ill tempered. The comments on online discussion are natural. Do Times readers invite objectionable opinions around to dinner parties in the name of diverse thinking? I would imagine not that often unless there are other ties (like familial links). (Paywall)

SenseTime: The billion-dollar, Alibaba-backed AI company that’s quietly watching everyone in China — Quartz

Report: Chinese government is behind a decade of hacks on software companies | Ars Technica