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Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield’s new Slack signed up 8,000 companies in 24 hours | VentureBeat – psyched for Stewart Butterfield. met him once during a press junket to Sunnyvale and he was a gracious host for the media. Slack is a messaging client that allows groups, internal and external. It facilitates moving a lot of communications off email. Finally Slack has APIs that allows other services to integrate or be built upon top of it. More on software here.


i-D / DJ OF THE MONTH / MP2 (MIKE PICKERING & MARTIN PRENDERGAST) / HACIENDA) | Test Pressing – loving the playlist

From Garrard To Technics – How British DJ’s Began To Mix | Greg Wilson


UK wages fall among sharpest in EU |

NYU-Poly Professor Formulates Algorithms that May Help Solve the Keynes-Hayek Debate | PR Newswire

You must accept fracking for the good of the country, David Cameron tells southerners – Telegraph

Why Does The American Middle Class Continue To Struggle Financially? Eurasia Review


Moms are consuming more energy drinks than you might think – Quartz – not terribly surprising when one thinks about the amount of housewives in days past who used to drop amphetamines as a slimming aid or ‘Mummy’s little helper’ before it got restricted

Red Bull Should Consider Strengthening the Ties with its Asian Sister – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International

How to

How Manchester United uses Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo and Google+ | Econsultancy


The Killing Machines – Mark Bowden – The Atlantic – interesting article on drone strikes


Jing Daily: China’s Luxury Slowdown ‘Not A Setback’

Fashion Outlets of Chicago: A Possible Game Changer for Factory Outlet Malls in the US – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International – fashion outlet but in a shopping mall rather than strip mall design


Mindshare Digital Normalness Index 2013 Reveals Singapore, Portugal And China Lead Online Motivations League Table – interesting data on western countries that have lower usage and motivation for using online social platforms

Why Won’t Vinyl Die? » Sabotage Times

Choosing Sides: Who’s Partnered with Who in China’s Internet War? – interesting consolidation through partnerships and equity holdings breaking out on Chinese internet

Digital out-of-home fail for Ford | The Wall Blog – interesting research data points in here regarding what consumers react to in out-of-home advertising

New Media Knowledge – Economist Intelligence Unit survey reveals consumer digital marketing preferences across industries


– – The Underwhelmingness of Facebook

Tencent denies WeChat Singapore IPO as Sina wins more eyeballs for Weibo – Quartz

Business, Etiquette and Social Media |

Interbrand 100′s YouTube Videos Have a Long Shelf Life

I’m 13 and None of My Friends Use Facebook

Facebook announces changes to News Feed formula – Brand Republic News

Search engines not seen as a major player in music piracy, despite the RIAA’s claims | The Verge


The Retail Landscape for Consumer Appliances in China – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International


(SBIR) DoD-DARPA – Defense Against National Vulnerabilities in Public Data – big data is the achilles heel for modern societies

Norway BANS Apple from Oslo’s skies: No aerial Maps app snaps allowed • The Register

You Might Have an Invisible Facebook Account Even if You Never Signed Up

I, Cringely Is cyber insurance AAA for data or another back door? – I, Cringely – insanity

Surveillance: The enemy of Innovation – at least according to Jean-Louis Gassee


What is WebGL and why should you be using it? | The Wall Blog

BlackBerry Said to Have Sought Buyers Since 2012 – Bloomberg – not terribly surprised. The QNX business is interesting, their infrastructure for compressed encrypted web traffic as is the the secure-ish network – the big challenge there would be about getting it to work well with other devices when they struggled to do so with BB10

Research Suggests Joyn Struggles As Operators Partner With OTT Providers

TelecomTV | News | Android increases its grip, nothing else changes much – it makes IDC look like a laughing stock


Apple’s evolving view of “pro” « Observatory


TelecomTV | Mobile revenue: What goes up… – interesting convergence of margins


All those people with cheap Android smartphones have finally started buying apps – Quartz

Samsung Sells Over 15 Million Smartphones In China In Q2 Eurasia Review

Chinese consumers won’t pay high prices for domestic mobile phones Xiaomi still looks for rounds of funding. There is the volume but there may not be the profits

Intel Acquires Fujitsu Wireless | EE Times – Intel bulks up on talent

TelecomTV | Smartphone boom may be slowing as the oldies hold out