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Carlos Slim

What is Carlos Slim up to? | beyondbrics – Carlos Slim has been buying distressed mobile telecom assets in Europe and Argentina. Carlos Slim is a Mexican businessman. Grupo Carso is the holding company that Carlos Slim uses to buy these firms.


American women most likely to use anti-aging face creams, the West leads in NPD | Mintel


Rise of China’s Creative Class? | China Power

Wen: 100m Chinese live in poverty CCTV News – CNTV English – very narrow definition of poverty

Consumer behaviour

Data point: Gen Z attuned to fiscal realities | JWT Intelligence

Yahoo! & Starcom MediaVest Group ‘Brave New Moms’ Global Study Finds Brands Can Leverage Technology to Capitalize on New Mom Movement / Yahoo

Meet the Millennials: 9 Things You Must Know When Talking To Us – Sense Worldwide

Social Media Before the Internet: Tales of Victorians, Comic Book Fans, Phone Phreaks and CBers

Dispatches From The Tween And Gen Y Panels At The Millennial Mega Mashup | Ypulse


BBC – Expanding the BBC’s Global Experience Language


US employers post fewest job openings in 5 months | AP

China: ‘weak growth’ for years, says Credit Suisse | beyondbrics

California Economy Expands In April, Reports Comerica Bank’s California Economic Activity Index | PRNewswire

Schumpeter: The will to power | The Economist

Euro zone needs common finance minister: IMF chief| Reuters

Innovation CEO Starts $25 Million Fund To Spark Personal Robotics Start-Ups | TechCrunch

Sony Paves Way for 500ppi OLED Panel — Tech-On!


Japan posts first trade deficit with EU –


Facebook blocked from cashing in on Olympics – Telegraph – so what does this mean for commercial television and newspaper sports coverage?

Ofcom opposed to media ownership limits – – (paywall)


State of US Internet in Q1 2012 – comScore, Inc – Global search market grows 22% year over year, more than 4.1 million searches a minute

Pictures of the Future in a Digital World by TNS Infratest – WPP

Social Networking Watch: Odnoklassniki Starting English Version

How Depressed People Use the Internet –

menshn | talk on topic – trying to take the anonymity out of online political discourse

Inside Google’s Plan to Build a Catalog of Every Single Thing, Ever – The Atlantic – knowledge search

UK ISP Comes Out Against The Pirate Bay Blockade | WebProNews

The Slow Web – Jack Cheng – context and timeliness


Analysts Blasting Walgreen-Alliance Boots Deal as Shares Fall

It’s the outlets, stupid | Material World – interesting that outlets are big earners for luxury brands when you think about luxury being about exclusivity and scarcity. Coach and Tory Birch make more at their outlets than they do in their ‘normal’ retail


Privacy Fundamentalism On the Rise in the UK – trust trumps better deals

Ford Key-Free Technology Can Unlock Your Car and Sign You Into Facebook – Creativity Online

UK Government details its internet snooping plans – The Inquirer – goes further than internet surveillance in China which is more focused on collective action


Microsoft poisons its partners | ZDNet – ZDNet’s take on the Surface launch

TDWI kicks 12 common Hadoop project myths to the curb

Microsoft wants a do-over with Windows Phone 8 | Digital Trends – interesting take that Microsoft is ‘doing everything it can’ to make an acquisition of Nokia more affordable. But would that be a Nokia that would be of value to Microsoft?

Surface tablet intro no Moses event for Microsoft

Using Your Smart Phone to Mix Video Clips with Others – Technology Review

Apple vs. Microsoft: Today is Windows Phone 8 day – Fortune Tech

Mozilla takes aim at the iPad browser market with its ‘Junior’ prototype | The Verge

Why Apple Is Going “Containment” Not “Thermonuclear” Against Google In iOS 6

Windows 8, Surface and the post-PC world: avoiding Cobol 2022 | The Guardian

The Lawrence Journal-World gets out of the CMS business, losing out to freebies like WordPress » Nieman Journalism Lab – interesting offer by Matt Mullenweg to sponsor the developers in order to build WordPress plug-ins that provide similar functionality

Microsoft confirms Sina Weibo connection coming to Windows 8


Why Silicon Valley Tech Wunderkinds Will Only Ever Have 1 Good Business Idea During Their Entire Lives – Forbes

LeWeb Keynote 2012 Covering Altimeter Research Themes | Jeremiah Owyang

Global LCD TV shipments fall for the first time ever

Facebook likes wimpy cores, CPU subscriptions

Silicon Valley bank invests $100 million in Ireland’s technology sector (IrishCentral)

Microsoft kept PC partners in dark about Surface | Reuters – Microsoft should be careful of its partners moving forwards

Sharp Explains How It Realized 8k4k 85-inch LCD Panel – Tech-On!

Et tu, Ballmer, or Microsoft’s stab at tablets | EE Times

‘Microsoft Is Still Searching For Its Own Identity In The Post-PC Era’ – Business Insider

Google’s New Brain Could Have a Big Impact – Technology Review

Intel Reveals Neuromorphic Chip Design  – Technology Review

The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable | – Apple has gone too far down the appliance route for Pro products which are designed to be serviceable and adaptable


Cathay’s Discovery to go digital – I prefer the thinking time that air travel provides so am not a universal fan of in flight wi-fi but I appreciate the technical feat that making it happen has caused

Web of no web

The Kinect Effect –


Nokia’s Mobile Patents Are Its Last Line of Defense – Technology Review

Motorola Solutions Acquires Psion for $200 million in Cash

Nokia to cut 10,000 jobs after weak second quarter | Reuters

Samsung, Apple Walk Away With 90 Percent Of Smartphone Profits In Q1 2012, Says ABI Research | TechCrunch – “at this point in the year, Nokia will have to grow its Windows Phone business 5000% in 2012 just to offset its declines in Symbian shipments.

TelecomTV | Has Nokia passed the point of no return? – it really depends on how good Windows Phone 8 becomes Nokia struggles as phones become emotional commodities

Nokia to End “Meltemi” Effort for Low-End Smartphones – AllThingsD

Communities Dominate Brands: Brief Commentary on Today’s Nokia Bad News Day – not surprising