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Omnicom Set to Cut Up to 3,500 Jobs

Ogilvy on Recession – I quite like these brochures launched by Ogilvy, not sure how the content changes by region

Micro Persuasion: The Sorry State of Blog Search Engines

100 top sites for the year ahead: our latest selection finds that location-based services, work-anywhere collaboration and video are prominent | Technology | The Guardian – via Mecca, some interesting links here, where 2.0 is big

TechnoKimchi :: Korea says, “Goodbye, URL. Hello, Search.”

Youth Marketing Statistics: Why Mobile TV is going down in Korea?

Attentio – Resources and whitepapers

Death To The Embargo – quaint American phenomena dies, check out the update as well. I’ve found Reuters have broken embargoes for years (usually the midnight GMT before the launch date), so surprised it has held on this long

Portable Social Graphs – Imagining their Potential – Razorfish

I, Cringely » Apple, MacWorld and Steve Jobs – the Wal-Mart Connection – interesting analysis

Bape Fall/Winter 2008 MA-1 Bomber Jacket » Kineda – want, want, want

Interpublic set to cut 2,000 jobs – Brand Republic

UK Rail Agrees Mobile Ticketing Standard | Mobile Industry Review

50 Weight Loss Tips | Chris Pirillo

PEERtrainer – Peer Support For Weight Loss, Fitness and Health – interesting business model

Google Adwords auto opt-in for iPhones and other mobiles…”Don’t be Evil?” – busterbuster’s posterous – Google cranking up their mobile ads inventory with new adwords default setting according to Salim. Apparently it cranks up the bounce rates, consumers not loving that marketing vibe

Griffin Menswear

RIAA Says It Will Stop Suing Consumers for Illegal Downloading – Switched