Cheaper luxury goods + more things

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Cheaper luxury goods could be on the way in Asia, say analysts | SCMP – cheaper luxury goods is due to a mix of market forces in the likes of China and cracking newer luxury markets, according to the article. There is also the upward competition from premium streetwear products that is forcing cheaper luxury goods (paywall)

What Luxury Brands Can Learn From Baijiu’s Anti-Corruption Comeback | Jing Daily – this move at re-positioning the brand away from gifting to everyday consumption is similar to work that I did with Bordeaux wines in China

NSA spying caused 9 percent of foreign firms to dump U.S. clouds | SiliconAngle – I don’t think that the military industrial complex would care

Magic Lantern Brings Linux to Canon EOS Cameras | Hack-a-day – interesting dual boot camera project

Patagonia Repair Partnership – iFixit – really interesting bit of native advertising by Patagonia

An update on Microsoft’s approach to Do Not Track – Microsoft on the Issues – disappointing

Road Warrior: Waiting on the Elio, a Three-Wheeled Dream Car of the Future | – I like the look of this is reminds me of the Messerschmitt KR200 and the Volkswagen 1 Litre concept car

Russian internet trolls are trained to spread propaganda in three-person teams | Quartz – interesting approach to social content marketing using astro-turfing and sock puppetry

Amazon Dash Button – interesting idea

US Used Zero-Day Exploits Before It Had Policies for Them | WIRED – not terribly surprising, regulation and policy is always behind technology

Wearables market action is all in the wrist says market-scryer IDC – wrist devices dominate wearable products

Ditch the Keyboard, Take Notes By Hand | Mother Jones – really interesting, showing the importance or artefacts

If you weren’t head-hunted or referred, it’s hardly worth applying for that new job | Quartz – interesting shows the importance of loose networks, presumably driven by communications technologies from email to social

Meerkat, Periscope, and Hope | Techpinions – interesting analysis

Bits or pieces?: So Amazon fired a warning shot at supermarkets and everyone went April Fool? – interesting reading

Renegades of Junk: The Rise and Fall of the Drexel Empire | Bloomberg Business – great article on the rise of junk bonds

Meerkat Vs Periscope: Tech journalist is a sickly mess | BGR – shows west coast journalists as being basically sock puppets

5 Key Highlights from the 2015 Apparel and Footwear Research – Euromonitor International – economic trends rather than anything else. Slower growth in China and decline in Russia