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Sports has created a sponsorship bonanza, with women’s sport being a particular beneficiary – Women’s elite sports to generate more than $1 billion in revenue in 2024 | Deloitte UK.

Stands with Rakuten sponsorship at Europes largest soccer stadium Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain

For some brands sponsorships aid in research and product development, motorsport and mountaineering are two sports where this the case. Other sponsorship deals, for instance college athletes and premier league footballers depend on the individuals effect as an influencer as much as their role on pitch. All of these complexities will affect the perception of the sponsorship value and effectiveness. Sponsorship being unmanaged and unmeasured isn’t a new phenomenon. – Sponsorship ‘unmanaged and unmeasured’, WFA warns – The Media Leader. Shirt sponsors are basically dependent on the amount of time on screen. Sponsoring celebrities like Jackie Chan is more about attracting eyeballs to the companies advertising campaigns.

(Jackie Chan represents a particular problem in this sector of sponsorship because he represented over 12 brands at the same time. From local companies that made game consoles suspiciously similar to Nintendo systems to Japanese multi-nationals Canon and Mitsubishi.)

Part of this focus on sponsorship measurement might be about the culture change digital advertising created: How the digital revolution led to a greater justification for advertising – The Media Leader. Famously, telecoms executives love of particular sports influenced sponsorship programmes of their companies. Sir Peter Bonfield was a keen sailor and BT sponsored the Global Challenge yacht race series.

Sir Chris Gent, over at Vodafone was a big cricket fan. The sponsorship would have been difficult to measure as a lot of the impact would have been in cementing existing relationships and facilitating new ones through corporate entertainment. With both, there would be some efforts to demonstrate the relevance of the sponsorship, but it was very much putting the cart before the horse.


Avon Promotes CMO Kristof Neirynck to CEO

Consumer behaviour

Nostalgia is a curse in life and tech. – On my Om


Grateful Dead x Stundenglass Bong | Esquire – yes the Grateful Dead now have an official bong for resale, but the author’s deadhead memories are the thing to read on this article


Tektronix’s Ceramic CRT Production And The Building 13 Catacombs | Hackaday


Virgin Atlantic is flying the first passenger plane using 100% alternative fuel from London to New York


This feels structural in nature and implies something is broken in Hong Kong’s capital investment and wealth management sectors: What Hong Kong’s banker malaise signifies | FT


Let’s Talk About Obesity Drugs | Out-Of-Pocket – probably the best 101 on the current state of obesity medication as a market sector

Hong Kong

Deloitte and KPMG ask staff to use burner phones for Hong Kong trips | FTMoscow Rules in Hong Kong


Europe finally sets date for Ariane-6 rocket debut – BBC News


When journalism is emptied of journalism – Nieman Storyboard


Luxury borrowing from sports apparel and mainstream fashion with its use of NFCs – From Tod’s to Balenciaga, NFC chips are luxury’s secret weapon | Jing Daily

Louis Vuitton is selling a €6,000 digital mini trunk by Nicolas Ghesquière | Vogue Business – Louis Vuitton is selling a €6,000 digital mini trunk by Nicolas Ghesquière. The next product available to LV’s exclusive group of NFT holders is a mini trunk bag designed by the brand’s women’s artistic director. Only 200 are available, and the physical will land in March.


Social media belongs to the creator economy—not users | Fortune – if that’s the case, expect regulation to come in much stronger

People Are Absolutely Roasting Sports Illustrated’s Ridiculous Excuse for Its AI-Generated Writers | Futurism

The Hundred-Year Battle for India’s Radio Airwaves | WIREDstate broadcaster All India Radio has 262 radio stations that reach almost every part of India, broadcasting in 23 languages and 146 dialects. There are over 388 private FM stations spread across the biggest and smaller cities – it is easy to forget that there are millions of people who still don’t access online media. And at the other extreme: Global SVOD subs to reach 1.79 billion by 2029 – The Media Leader

Netflix Gave An Unproven Director $55 Million For A Sci-Fi Series, And He Blew It On Rolls-Royces, Crypto, And Dodgy Stock Bets – surprised Netflix hasn’t optioned a documentary to tell this story


Is Argentina the First A.I. Election? – The New York Times


War has spread to a sixth domain: the private sector | FT this concern is coming into focus as there is greater awareness of shrinkage in military orientated manufacturing capability: People are realizing that the Arsenal of Democracy is gone | Noah Smith

A Civil Rights Firestorm Erupts Around a Looming Surveillance Power Grab | WIRED

L3Harris to sell commercial aviation business for $800 million – Breaking Defense – renewed focus on their security business


Magnific AI – I look at this and think of Blade Runner

the world’s largest distributed LLM training job on TPU v5e | Google Cloud Blog

2023 CommsIndex: Asia-Pacific Comms Heads Remain Wary Of AI’s Rise | PRovoke Media – clients are also concerned about potential job losses and skills gaps that may result from using generative AI tools to automate their work. The skills gap point doesn’t get sufficient discussion in talks about machine learning and automation


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