Blade Runner & other things

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Watching Blade Runner after it had been re-released into the cinema. I have watched Blade Runner numerous times on TV, VHS, LaserDisc, DVD and Blu Ray but there is something magical about watching it on the big screen

The cinema and Blu Ray versions of Blade Runner have a level of clarity and detail that is amazing. But watching on VHS had a softness that provided an artistic quality to the film. The lower resolution and noise felt more ‘cyber punk’.

Hack-A-Day pointed me in the direction of this old industrial film about a Workington, Cumbria Bessemer steel plant that made railway tracks. At the time of filming the plant had been working for 102 years. More related content here.

Google had an interesting interview with former BP chairman Lord John Browne on discrimination against gay people in their careers.

I am a big fan of Miroslav Sasek’s work, from his This is… series of children’s travel books in the 1960s. My personal favourites are This is Hong Kong and This Is The Way To The Moon – which covered NASA’s Project Apollo space programme and Cape Canaveral. Art Republic have some amazing prints derived from his illustrations.

Criteo has a really good presentation on m-commerce outside China

Criteo mobile commerce report Q42014 from CriteoReports