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H.P. Takes Big Hit on ‘Accounting Improprieties’ at Autonomy – – HP can’t seem to catch a break, if the allegations are true it could also adversely affect the UK’s reputation for start-ups – having more in common with SpinVox than ARM. Autonomy provides in-organisation search across file servers. Autonomy software is used by the likes of BAE Systems. It has a reputation for being notoriously hard to set up an organisation to use Autonomy and was alleged to have a high failure rate on implementation projects.


Jobs Guru Spills Secrets About Older Workers | – skills rather than experience is what sells

Online behavioural advertising: OFT investigates personalised pricing based on consumer online tracking

Chart Focus: Why bad multiples happen to good companies

Consumer behaviour

Shifting US Demographics Influence Electoral Strategies – SPIEGEL ONLINE


Creative Review – Vintage billboards – great to look at for inspiration

Japanese Gadget Makers Need A Miracle – Business Insider – make products more fun or more desirable

Sharp Suits, a website created by a bunch of Irish designers who have made posters out of the stuff that clients say.


More than half of Brits vote to ditch the EU – Quartz – and trade with who exactly? Burnt EU countries may not play nicely with the UK as part of wider looser relationships, also likely to impact UK financial services sector further

Exclusive: Worried Germany seeks study on French economy – sources | Reuters


P&G’s market share drops, employees depart in China|

Chinese condom brand recruits female ‘testers’| – I suspect that this is a great buzz marketing ploy


Apple Invents Very Cool Next-Gen Dual Mode Headphones! – Patently Apple – is it just me or do these look like a typical pair of DJ headphones?

Hong Kong

V Perspective: 寫英文無前途?The End of English Language in HK?

How to

Five handy Pinterest tools to help you measure success | Econsultancy

How to Watch Hulu Videos Outside the U.S.

Three Mac apps to help you self publish your book — Apple News, Tips and Reviews

How to Grow a Facebook Page in an Edgerank World | Tots 100

how to easily delete your online accounts |


How the Internet is Shaping Our “Global Brain” -Harvard Business Review

Drone pilots too bored, MIT study suggests – First world problem revealed in lab simulation | TechEye


US military invests in 3D printing on the frontline


Global brands set higher price for products sold in China| – combination of taxes and pricing strategy


Chinese Billionaire Spends $130 Million To Make A “Hollywood-Style” 3D Movie (Video) » M.I.C. Gadget – it looks like first steps, its what’s next that will be of interest

Social gaming most popular among women: Spiral Media – Campaign Asia-Pacific – not surprising

Facebook to launch advertising ROI tool – Marketing magazine – dealing with perception gap and marketing manager concerns

Financial Times’ German offshoot to close – RTÉ News – the brand was wrong for Germany

Pinterest Takes a Step Towards Making Money by Inviting Businesses to Join – Technology – The Atlantic Wire – finally formal brand page offering

Facebook Pages: Why I don’t like Nest thermostat or anything else anymore. | Nathan Kontny

NEWSPAPER ABCs: The Sun descends as i motors past 300,000 copies – Media Week

7 Navy SEALs disciplined for role with video game – CBS News | Sony Japan domestic catalog finally on iTunes


The Power of Like 2: How Social Marketing Works – comScore, Inc

Stewart Butterfield’s Glitch Is Closing – Business Insider – sad as the concept was great

Twitter prosecutions: Nature not reach of Twitter messages should determine whether prosecutions should be pursued, expert advises Keir Starmer


Minding the store | asymco – how retail experience is part of the dialogue with the customer rather than just a channel


UK government is going headlong for internet filtering- The Inquirer – for a government that abhorred the ‘nanny state’ of the previous administration, this seems like a retrograde step. It also sends out the wrong message about the UK in terms of values. The UK uses Huawei network technology for this


Apple’s journaling system for iOS makes geotagging a system-wide feature

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings On Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Challenges – AllThingsD

Steve Ballmer: Android Ecosystem Is Wild And Uncontrolled, Apple Is High Priced And Highly Controlled | TechCrunch – but will it be Nokia filling the gap?

Android and Apple OS shares show mountain MS must climb • The Register

Apps on – Facebook Developers

Minding The (Apple)Store | Monday Note – it reminds me of the lack of attention that Rank Leisure and most restaurants pay to noise level. However in cultures where noise, hustle and bustle are part of the experience, this maybe just the ticket

Apple’s design problems aren’t skeuomorphic « counternotions

Microsoft’s Midori operating-system skunkworks project soldiers on | ZDNet


U.S. Kids Continue to Look Forward to “iHoliday” | Nielsen Wire – interesting that 13+ years old kids have a lower predisposition to buy Apple products than tweens

Panasonic prepares for garage sale, to axe 10,000 jobs | Reuters

Web of no web

Is Siri really Apple’s future? « counternotions


Xiaomi may exit the smartphone market in one year|

Cisco Acquires Enterprise Wi-Fi Startup Meraki For $1.2 Billion In Cash | TechCrunch

Ofcom sets UK 4G auction plans: Submissions by December 11, bidding in January and rollout in May/June 2013 – The Next Web – will the UK government get the auction prices they want? I doubt it

ARM CEO Warren East Says Mobile Chips Will Move into Energy-Efficient Desktops, Laptops, and Servers. | MIT Technology Review – computing power per watt

Samsung Chip Factory Reportedly On Hold – WSJ – if it is Apple related, interesting that Samsung phones wouldn’t pick up the slack in demand? Is is more economic outlook related?