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Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6 « Gear Patrol – I can’t work out if the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6 is amazing or stupid. It is based on the G Wagen which is a proper off-road vehicle. The 6×6 platform used was developed for the military like Germany’s KSK special forces unit. The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG adds a ridiculously overturned engine. AMG then has to go over every inch of the Mercedes Benz G63 and change chassis and components to adequately handle the power.


16th annual CEO survey – pwc – (PDF)

Consumer behaviour

Chinese women aspire to be housewives |

Study: Twitter debates don’t represent opinions of general public (Wired UK)

Share Everything: Why the Way We Consume Has Changed Forever – Emily Badger – The Atlantic Cities


BMW announced it’s i3 Coupe concept this week. It was buzzword compliant with plug-in technology; but the most interesting thing for me about it was the way in which the car shows the current range that could be travelled as part of its in-car instrumentation.


It was a duh moment of genius simplicity in terms of user experience design for vehicles.


China: Beyond The Miracle | Zero Hedge – interesting piece of analysis

Q&A with Jim ‘BRIC’ O’Neill: Grillo’s good, China’s fine, Europe’s fading – Quartz

The fourth euro crisis cycle of panic has officially begun – Quartz

Euro zone unemployment hits a record high of 11.9% – Quartz


Why delinquent student loans are the fuse on America’s next debt bomb – Quartz

Rigging the I.P.O. Game – – this reminds me of the first day ‘pop’ that my former client VA Lnux had when they IPO’d

UK and US toe the edge of a “regulatory trade war” over banking – Quartz

Hong Kong

Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA Breaks Down His Kung Fu Samples by Film and Song

How to

How to RSVP in an Entrepreneurial Way | AlwaysOn

Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet TAGS v3 Jisc CETIS MASHe

Nintendo games on a Mac – Matt Gemmell

Creation Pinpoint™ | Dashboard for Understanding What Doctors Talk About Online. – New SM listening/monitoring tool for pharma – allows you to monitor only what HCPs are saying


Microsoft Seeks Software License from South Korea Military – Korea Real Time – WSJ


Evening Standard – FIFTY BEST: Independent coffee shops – as a Foursquare list

Catching Up with the City Boy Who Spilled the City’s Secrets | VICE United Kingdom – interview with Geraint Anderson formerly a columnist in thelondonpaper


Collectables – British Airways Business Life. – modern items that are collectable


The Agenda for the Global Marketer – ad people worldwide – interesting white paper (PDF)

Outside looking in – EIU – challenges CMO faces in dealing with the board


Tumblr to Introduce Mobile Advertising to Help Achieve Profit – Bloomberg

#LFW: The ELLE UK Twitter report | ELLE UK – since when was fashion a democracy? Elle uses Twitter as an arbiter of taste. More related luxury content here.

Digital Media in China – Digital Media Asia

Social media policy | immediate future. – library of social media policies

Pottermore Reaches Out To Harry Potter Fan Sites – affiliate marketing doesn’t pay that well


TelecomTV | Reality bites: Fed-up with Facebook, the kids are are going somewhere “cooler”. – can’t say that I am surprised beyond the fact that network effects had been such a break on the retreat

5 things that may change on your Facebook timeline – CTV

Facebook algorithm stopping you see the content you subscribe to, unless brands pay | The Wall Blog

The age of the brag is over: why Facebook might be losing teens | The Verge

The Decline and Fall of Social Networks

Andrew Mason on being fired by the Groupon board


Penn Schoen Berland – Execs say cyber-attacks a top priority – PSB is a sister agency

Google services should not require real names: Vint Cerf | Reuters

First SOPA, Now Your Privacy: Facebook, Google Flex Lobbying Muscle in Europe | Mother Jones


Google controls too much of China’s smartphone sector: ministry | Reuters – 90 per cent market share

How Are You Feeling Today? A New Mood-Measuring App Can Tell You | Co.Create: Creativity Culture Commerce

Jolla Wants To Build A Foursquare Phone, A Facebook Phone | TechCrunch

Microsoft Might Owe Denmark More Than $1 Billion in Unpaid Tax

Keeping the Wolfram from the Data

Fontastic – A Processing library to create font files

Who’ll win the consumer video codec battles?

Resurgence in Neural Networks –

Journo & Literate CoffeeScript

Learning How to Code Is A Waste of Time – Forbes


PC market to decline for a second consecutive year in 2013, says IDC

Library Camp London – Audio Recordings & Writeup | Terence Eden has a Blog

Intel will make 14nm FPGAs for Altera

Logitech reorganises to focus on mobile products

Why Nobody Can Copy Apple | cek.log


Exclusive-Skype’s Jonathan Rosenberg, Father of SIP, Bolts Back To Cisco – VoIP Watch


Why the Galaxy S4 won’t be shedding its plastic roots | CNET News