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Nokia in China

Nokia in China: it’s all relative | – doesn’t mention that Nokia screwed over Chinese partners by abandoning MeeGO and Symbian. Having a Nokia in China meant that you were part of the middle class when I first visited Shenzhen. There were domestic phones and competitors like Samsung and Motorola, but they didn’t really compete with Nokia in China. How times have changed in a few short years

Consumer behaviour

The Feature Phone Rises (Again?) – interesting piece by Junko Yoshida that asks what is a smartphone. My definition would be a phone that still works well as a phone is a feature phone, ‘smart phones’ aren’t particularly good at phoning anyone

TI: Customers holding off on new orders – do declining orders represent an economic slow down or very lean supply chains?


design | polychromeLAB – great idea on this jacket

Clamshell! The Story of the Greatest Computing Form Factor of All Time |


China manufacturing improving, but job worries mount | beyondbrics

David Cameron Says British Austerity Will Last Until 2020

US Drought Could Spell Another Global Food Crisis | Mother Jones

Insight: Flood risk rampant across Asia’s factory zones | Reuters


China ‘reservations’ over WTO ruling – UnionPay currently has a lock on Yuan denominated transactions


German company buys Peet’s Coffee for nearly $1 billion, will take it private –

How to

How to install & configure Octopress on a Mac, and host your static website on Amazon S3 – Moncef Belyamani


Wikiweb – A Delightful Wikipedia Reader – some interesting ideas in this


The End of Chinese Manufacturing and Rebirth of U.S. Industry – Forbes -interesting but flawed analysis on future manufacturing technologies


Chinese Economist Xie Warns South Korea of Conglomerate Dependence – WSJ


Louis Vuitton banks on bespoke in China | (paywall)


Comprehensive timeline: Aurora Massacre : news – fascinating timeline on Reddit. What is interesting is the way the facts gradually coalesce and how far way this is from traditional storytelling

This Cease-and-Desist Letter Should Be the Model for Every Cease-and-Desist Letter – Megan Garber – The Atlantic – in tune with the brand

Mail Online makes its first profit in June 2012 – Media Week

Big Content pushes for tougher laws in New Zealand – Claims defeat in victory | TechEye

To boldly shrink where no man has gone before – Nigel Scott on online video Becoming Digital – eerily prescient review of the media industry and how digital was likely to change it, despite having been written over a decade ago

Freemium has run its course — GigaOM

The Olympic Police’s War on Graffiti | VICE

Nokia Payments Cause Entertainment And Devices Division Loss – Business Insider

Levinsohn Unlikely to Stay at Yahoo, as Mayer Begins Her Talent Search – AllThingsD

Google’s Marissa Mayer Tapped as Yahoo’s Chief – | Universal Music Japan in tax trouble – it would have looked to the tax authorities as tax evasion


Why Google or Facebook Buying Your Favorite Startup Means It’s Probably Toast |

The real reason we’re upset about Sparrow’s acquisition – challenges to paid services versus freemium

Difficult days for Facebook as share price and user base fall | The Wall Blog

China’s Internet Population Rises to 537 million, up 11% Annually

“What The F*** Is iCloud?” – this is a marketing problem


E-book Sales Doubled in 2011 – AllThingsD

BBC News – Of fake customers and virtual ‘likes’


Black Hat finds holes in ARM, x86, embedded

The Secret Online Weapons Store That’ll Sell Anyone Anything – based on similar technology to the Silk Road marketplace, its like something out of an early William Gibson novel


HP-sponsored Enyo framework hits cross-platform release | ZDNet – this is a legacy from the company’s Palm acquisition

What’s new in Linux 3.5 – The H – improvements in security, new developments in hardware like USB connected monitors and playing catch-up with dtrace functionality with Solaris

Microsoft Names Mark Penn as Corporate Vice President, Strategic and Special Projects – interesting move for Mark Penn and even more interesting that Microsoft is doubling-down on consumer insights

Microsoft Faces EU Antitrust Probe Over Web-Brower Choice – Bloomberg


Silicon Valley Worries About Addiction to Devices –

Research Company Claims Lenovo Now Second-Biggest Mobile Brand in China

Marc Andreessen Says Now’s the Time to Build Companies Like It’s 1999 – AllThingsD

Web of no web

Jiepang Provides New POI Data and Algorithm to Empower Chinese Applications | TechNode


FOSS Patents: Apple seeks $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung, offers half a cent per standard-essential patent

TelecomTV | News | Outlook for Lumia gets Gloomia

Nokia looks to revamp marketing strategy: FT | Reuters

Communities Dominate Brands: If Apple is running away from this strategy, and Samsung growing by opposite strategy, why is Elop trying ‘exclusive’ carrier strategy for Nokia and Microsoft. He must be mad!

Kodak Loses Patent Case Against Apple, RIM –

Communities Dominate Brands: Digging Deeper into Nokia Q2 Results – and exactly how many ‘awesome’ sales was AT&T and China…

Fitch downgrades Nokia credit rating | TotalTelecom

Communities Dominate Brands: Nokia Q2 Results: Bad bad and will be even more bad

Here’s The Vast Sum Of Money Microsoft Spent Advertising The Windows Phone No One Wants – Business Insider

Nokia’s Bad Call on Smartphones – – great history of Nokia. Nokia’s research looks a bit like Xerox and its PARC arm in the 1960s and 70s (paywall)

From bad to worse and from good to great | asymco

SMS stays strong as mobile service revenues approach $1 trillion