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Electric cars + more things

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Electric cars

When you think about electric cars you usually think of Tesla. But the reality is that electric cars have been about for almost 200 years. I was reminded of Bob Cringely’s analogy about technology success being about ‘surfing waves‘. The first electric car turned up sometimes in the 1830s. By the beginning of the 20th century there was 30,000 electric cars. But petrol engined cars were cheaper to make and quicker to refill than charging electric cars.

That didn’t stop Irish inventors converting a Volvo 66 saloon to run as an electric car, 23 years before Tesla even existed.


The Rise and Precarious Reign of China’s Battery King | WIRED – interesting profile of CATL. Shows opportunity for hydrogen and the ceiling of Li ion batteries.


Abducted Canadian billionaire Xiao Jianhua faces trial in Shanghai court | Financial Times – the question not being asked is how many Chinese government officials will the legal action ensnare? They’ve sat on him for five years as they unwound the Tomorrow Group and are only now prosecuting him in the run up to the 20th National Party Congress in November. It is at this event that Xi Jingping is likely to become president for life. The reality is that Mr Xiao’s goose was cooked as soon as he was snatched from the Four Seasons. This trial could affect demand for high-end Hong Kong property adversely

Beijing announces interest rate swaps with Hong Kong after Xi Jinping visit | Financial Times – this looks like a bear trap for western investment banks


Irish whiskey roaring back after decades of decline | Whisky | The Guardian 


3 Things I Got Wrong About Patriarchy 

The west looks like a political risk to Asian allies | Financial Times 


Generation X continues to hit the spot, but why is the industry still missing out? | Campaign magazine – don’t even get me started on generations; but the point about the age, demographics and life stage being ignored is a valid one.


Is ad fraud the biggest illegal activity on the planet? – The Media Leader 

Ofcom reviews changing TV ad breaks – The Media Leader 

CAA Completes $750 Million Deal for Rival Talent Agency ICM Partners – WSJ 


It’s Time to Bring Back the AIM Away Message | WIRED – logging off is now the active decision


TikTok abandons ecommerce expansion in Europe and US | Financial Times 


Vast Cache of Chinese Police Files Offered for Sale in Alleged Hack – WSJ and Hacker claims to have stolen 1 bln records of Chinese citizens from police | Reuters – apparently a poorly set up ‘Elasticsearch’ instance on a cloud service enabled the theft. It is interesting that the data wasn’t encrypted.


How Singapore Got Its Manufacturing Mojo Back – WSJ – focus on supporting bringing back automated production lines


Google AI Blog: Auto-generated Summaries in Google Docs 

Web of no web

The invisible science of eyewear beats augmented reality | Financial Times