Hold onto your old cell phone

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Hold on to your old cell phone for at least another six months. New Nokia phones should be due out in the next six months or so and they look half decent. Nokia software and build quality in an LG/Samsung style case has got to be a surefire winner. Read more at Gizmodo (mainly because they have lots of pretty pictures).

Clamshell designs to replace old cell phone

Nokia has doubled down since hitting turbulence in its plans for world wireless domination. Part of Nokia’s problems was attributed to the fact that it had no foldable in their old cell phone range currently on the market.

To remedy the situation they have come up with three foldable handsets for poor, well-off and rich people. The stinking rich still have to put up with a Vertu ‘chocolate bar’ handset instead.

Nokia Bluetooth keyboard

They have also announced a Bluetooth keyboard that at first glance looks like a Think Outside design. More gadget related content here.

Blogging and PR industry

OK, I lied, my ex-colleague Stephen Waddington has written a down-to-earth paper on blogging and its implications for the PR industry. His advice on PRing to bloggers seems to be similar to trying to influence a Usenet group, is to do so CAREFULLY!

Give the article a quick read, its worth it. The main thing they missed out is the use of employees or interest group members personal blogs to raise a search engine position. This has been used in recent Googlebombs attacking George Bush.