Flying Records recommendations

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Over the past few weeks I have ignored shopping for new vinyl as I have managed my house move.I got a rare opportunity to go over to Flying Records in Soho and found a few great tracks across genres.  To correct the lack of music on this blog, I have a few Flying Records recommendations:

Chez Damier – Spiritual Warefare v.1 Trackmode competent well produced mellow house with mellow R&B lyrics, good but no cigar

Double U – Secret Love Sonar Kollectiv – great deep track with Moni Love type sassy New York vocal samples over a tribal beat that would have felt right at home in the Sound Factory

J Rocc / Steinski – Ain’t no thing / Say ho Stones Throw – not a new track but an excellent re-release. Cut-and-paste production pioneer Steinski complemented with old school block party lyrics. No Bentleys, no Lex coupés, no bling, just dope lyrics and amazing production. This is based on hip-hop made in Connecticut from 1979 to 1983. J Rocc and Steinski made their own cut-up montage. The whole project was produced by Stones Throw’s Peanut Butter Wolf.

I slaved away in the listening booth so that you didn’t have to!

2020 update: Flying Records like much of the well loved independent records shops in Soho no longer exists. Founder Charlie Chester was responsible for a good deal of London’s club life in the 1990s and was a key promoter of the British scene in Ibiza. By the time I shopped there as a regular, the internet had taken off, but the shop still had a great mix of vinyl and highly knowledgeable shop managers. Something that Amazon haven’t managed to synthesise yet. Dean Thatcher was also involved and the shop logo was used on a short lived sub label for Cooltempo then owned by Chrysalis. The sole release on the label was a remix of an Ian Dury & The Blockheads song. Thatcher & Chester formed the early progressive house record label Cowboy Records.